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The Wyoming Incident (or The Wyoming Hijacking) is a lesser known case of "television broadcast hijacking/hacking". According to legend, hacker managed to interrupt broadcasts from a local programming channel (believed to serve several smaller communities in the county of Niobrara) and aired his/her own video. The video contained numerous clips of disembodied, human heads showing various emotions and "poses". The camera position changed often (usually every ten-to-fifteen seconds) and the video was often interrupted by a "SPECIAL PRESENTATION" announcement. This clip is taken from one of these intervals.

The video is mostly locally well-known, and would probably not even be that popular if it were not for the effects it had on the few watchers who watched it for an extended period of time. Complaints included vomiting, hallucinations, headaches, etc. While some believed it was paranormal, specialists have determined that the cause of these afflictions were frequencies played regularly throughout the broadcast. In this clip, the frequency being played is somewhere between 17 and 19 hz. This range of frequency, when played for long periods of time, causes the eyes to subtly vibrate, sometimes inducing visual hallucinations.

In fact, this video is fake, although it has scared a lot of people. It was inspired by the real Max Headroom Incident.

Logo (The Wyoming Incident)[]

Wyoming incident

They start off with the static, then the text


We Present



at the top and bottom (the bottom half being upside down) which appear after some certain text. Then, there is some text over a black background, which include "YOU WILL SEE SUCH PRETTY THINGS", "WHY DO YOU HATE", "YOU ARE ILL", "WE JUST WANT TO FIX YOU", WHAT HIDES IN YOUR MIND?", "WE HAVE ALREADY SEEN IT", "YOU CAN LOSE EVERYTHING", "NOTHING IS PRICELESS", "YOU CANNOT HIDE FOREVER", "WE STAND AT THE DOOR", "YOU ARE LOST ON THE PATH", "THERE IS TRUTH IN FICTION" and "ALL GOOD THINGS", "FoundYou". And very creepy CGI heads doing "poses", spinning around, going close to the screen and even moving their mouths. Then, they cut to static.


These weren't the only clips from this hijacking. In fact, if you click on this channel, you'll see more videos, which probably would've been part of the whole logo before it cut back to normal TV. The same can be said with the "Lost sequel", which had the following: TBA.


A dark, creepy sound effect with eerie whistles at the end when the presentation screen and the messages appear, which is actually the WGBH Boston late 1971 music reversed and slowed down. At the 2nd part through the last part, some very creepy music. The creepy music shown is actually, in order:

  • A snippet of the Viacom V of Doom reversed
  • Dekalog 4 Part 2 by Zbigniew Preisner
  • Claw Finger from Silent Hill
  • Les Marionettes by Zbigniew Preisner
  • Aberdeen / Beginning of the Story (feat. Stina Nordenstam) by Zbigniew Preisner
  • Mad Nightingales of the Russian Forest by Boris Grebenschikov and Sergei Kuriokhin

Scare Factor[]

Nightmare. The darkness and monochrome followed by the eerie music/sound effects and incredible length will unsettle many. They added creepy heads, the things they do, static and jumpscares along with the creepy messages make this hijacking even worse and the sudden cut to the presentation screen might be sudden. This might also cause hallucinations, headaches and other symptoms as well. The 3 333s at the top and bottom (bottom being flipped) can be a problem, especially when added up, which equals 999, with the upside down one being 666, aka, the number of Satan or the Devil's number. It also won't help for the lost sequel since the majority of these clips are more scary than the original one, most notably the first one with the loud music (which is also heard in the first Vajala Marakaan Films logo), the second clip of the sequel with the ghostly music and face, and the third one of the sequel with different music in the special presentation screen (now scarier), and the 2 screenshots of the man, the first one being harmless, but the second shot looking like a corpse, which will definitely horrify and disturb a lot of people.


  • The man in the 3rd clip of the lost sequel is actually G man from the Half-Life series.
  • The disembodied heads are uncanny valley, reminding some viewers of the Mr. Incredible getting uncanny meme.
  • Make sure you watch these videos during the day, they're a little creepy!