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this is to everyone who visits this shitstorm

i am fatass

i am dumb admin

Hello. Welcome to this profile which is awkward.

tyrant is hot boi, who agree? TwT. and do I guys look like I give a s**t if you replace that NSFW drawing of a neko. just it was damn censored. also I do not care if you f**king accuse me.

Sexy musclegram.png

plus, I am a weeb. now don't hate on me or you will perish

p.s. I censored my entire profile according to the rules for this wiki lol


Lalalala it goes around ZA WARUDO

Hell yeah!

Bio if wiki gets affected by UCP.

  • I live in Motherboard's jail. Why ask because I destroyed the hollow computer?
  • I don't have an occupation.
  • I was born on November 12th.
  • I am Male.
  • I'm just a cute person that likes to eat Nerds and Skittles. Also I made a new website.

Ships I love (mostly Hollow Knight)

Hornet x Hollow Knight (least likely)

Zote x Bretta (read this page if you dont know who is bretta)

Troupe Master Grimm x Hollow Knight (why cheat on hornet? grimm likes dancing with hollow knight)

The Radiance x Grey Prince Zote (note that Grey Prince Zote is dream version of Zote)

My upcoming GameBanana mods



Deaf to All but the Ronald

Me when I post Rule 34 of Sarvente and Ruvyzvat