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(1983-2000's?): We see a variation of a standby screen. On the top half of the screen, there are eight vertical bars that are each a different color (white, yellow, light blue, green, pink, red, dark blue, and black). The bottom half is a red background; on this background, we see the word Video(in a retro font, with a blue dot on the "i" and a white "e"). The standby screen fades out. Then, on a black background, the same "Video" used in the standby screen fades in, and a residue trail of "Videos" appears. We then zoom into the blue dot on the "i", which makes a box containing the word "Toppic" (in the same retro font, but not italicized) with a star replaced the dot of the i, tunnel in.


  • Some tapes leave out the "stand by" screen and simply begin with "Video".
  • On an Australian release, the logo was very different where we begin with "Video" in cyhron /video feedback trail which has a larger amount of the text expanding in a trail and the text somewhat being smaller. Then the "Video" trail all simply transitions into a chyron trail of the Toppic logo.


None or the opening theme of the movie. The video on the right is one instance of the opening theme being used: it begins with a woman screaming in horror, which rather jarringly transitions into an upbeat disco tune. On an Australian release, it has what a appears to be a romantic tune of an opening theme.

Scare Factor

It depends on the variant:

  • Silent/Opening Theme/Australian Variants: Minimal. The chryon/video feedback trail of Video can scare some, but that's nothing compared with the other variant.
  • Screaming/Disco Variant: Medium to high, it all depends on your opinion of the loud scream at the start. You might be scared or simply dumbfounded by it. However, the music afterwards sounds rather nice.