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I Love Toy Trains 3 1994 VHS


TM Books Video (2000s) (With Intresting FBI Warning Screen)

TM Books Video (also known as TM Books and Video) is a children's film company, focusing mainly on trains and cars and stuff.

The first starts on a black background with the print logo, then you hear a baseball player scoring a home run.

The second starts on a semi-blue background, the logo bounces 2 times in the distance, accompanied by 2 "boings." Then, it zooms quickly, and, as and after it stops. On the variant, you hear an audience shouting, "Ooooh, Ahhhhh!" Then a "Doing", then it falls off the screen, accompanied by a "Whoop!" and a crash. And, for a finale, you hear a monster shouting, "Oh, no!".

Their third logo starts on a semi-blue background, again, but instead bouncing into view, then you hear a previous logo as the TM logo flashes into sight.

The first one is very hard to find.

The second one can be seen on lots of I love toy trains episodes, such as 1 and 2, and a lot of more recent episodes.

Thankfully, the third one is rarely ever shown. there have been appearances in I love toy trains 4, 5, 6, and 7.

Scare factor: Low for the first and third one. The baseball hitting the bat may get to some, but there is nothing to worry about.

None to minimal for the second one, though, because the stretchy effect of logos... at least, according to my standards, anyway.