Scary Logos Wiki

On a pink background, we see a white box layered on top of a purple one. In the box we see a white and black spotted dog. The dog is walking on his forelegs, and on his hind legs he balances a chair with a computer on top. On his nose he balances a tan bone. The background is dotted with tiny copies of the dog running on all fours. The boxes also teeter on top of each other. A white bone flies by the bottom of the screen, leaving behind the words "STUNT PUPPY ENTERTAINMENT, INC.".


Starts with a drumroll, followed by a whistle and then a lively jazz tune. A "ping" is also heard after the bone wipes in the company name.

Scare Factor

Low. The jazz tune is rather loud and could startle some who are viewing it for the first time.



Stunt Puppy Entertainment