Stretch Films is a production company that was founded in 1991 by John R. Dilworth. It was best known for Courage the Cowardly Dog on Cartoon Network. On a black background, we see a crudely drawn smiling mouth in white, with "INC." below it. The mouth then laughs, revealing several snaggly teeth with a letter on each one; the letters "S", "t", "r", "e", "t", "c", and "h" are on the top row while "F", "i", "L", "m", and "s", are on the bottom row. A TM bug appears when the mouth stops laughing. The whole thing looks very similar to the previous logos.



The only evidence of the "banana variant" is a picture.

It has been seen on Courage the Cowardly Dog reruns on Boomerang. On some episodes of Courage the Cowardly Dog, there is a variant where it shows a man (John R. Dilworth) dancing with a banana in his ears on a blue background with orange-yellow radial gradient polka dots. In the top left corner is the Stretch Films logo. The mouth isn't seen laughing, but can still be heard. There‘s a variant where Eustace says “Stupid dog!”. There is also a variant with a white backgroun. Other variants just have a still logo.

Scare RankEdit

The regular: Low to nightmare. The extremely creepy mouth, dark background, and jarring appearance will scare a lot.

For the banana variant: High to nightmare. The choppy animation, overall creepy subject matter, and jarring appearance will scare a lot, especially for those who are expecting the normal logo and immediately wind up with this. In fact, no scary animation of the mouth here. But in one condition, THE BANANA MAN?!

With Eustace saying “Stupid dog!”: Medium to nightmare. Eustace’s sudden “Stupid dog” is sure they can make you get terrible.

For the white background variant: Low to high. As there’s no black background, we still have that ugly mouth’s creepy smile.

Other variants: Low to medium. Depending on the variants, but tamer than the Original logo.

But for older people and/or some who are used seeing it, they find it annoying but very funny.

Watch if you dare!Edit

Stretch Films

Stretch Films


Stretch Films, Inc

Stretch Films, Inc. (Banana Man Variant)