Stoopid Monkey


1st logo (2005-2009): Every episode of Robot Chicken displays one of many still Stoopid (spelled Stoop!d) Monkey production logos following the credits; each depicts a cartoon monkey performing an obviously foolish and/or life threatening activity (or the aftermath of one) as Seth Green says "stupid monkey!" in an irritated tone. Each Stoopid Monkey card is drawn by artist/actor Adam Talbott.


There are a lot of variants, just about for every episode, so here are all the variants seen at the moment.

  • Season 1:
    • Junk in the Trunk: He is about to hit his tail with a hammer.
    • Nutcracker Sweet: He is smoking an entire pack of cigarettes in his mouth (a la the 1972 film, Fritz the Cat).
    • Gold Dust Gasoline: He is about to whack a beehive with a stick.
    • Plastic Buffet: He is drinking a gallon of bleach.
    • Toyz in the Hood: He is sticking one hand in a blender while turning it on with the other.
    • Vegetable Funfest: He has doused himself in gasoline and is holding a lit match.
    • A Piece of the Action: He is being cooked by an island native.
    • The Deep End: He has just pulled the pin from a hand grenade.
    • S&M Present: He is holding a banana in his hand and a gun in his mouth.
    • Badunkadunk: He is looking at a world history book upside down.
    • Toy Meets Girl: He is running with scissors.
    • Midnight Snack: He is being cooked by an island native again.
    • Atta Toy: He is about to bite his own tail.
    • Joint Point: He is sticking his index finger up his nose and it comes out of an ear.
    • Kiddie Pool: He is climbing into the mouth of a crocodile.
    • Nightmare Generator: He is about to drop a toaster into his bathtub.
    • Operation: Rich in Spirit: He has his head in a toilet.
    • The Sack/Adultizzle Swizzle: He is eating his own brain.
    • That Hurts Me: He is about to sever his tongue with a blade.
    • The Black Cherry: He is nothing more than a skull.
  • Season 2:
    • Suck It: He has a test tube of bird flu in his face.
    • Federated Resources: He is about to chop his head off in a guillotine.
    • Easter Basket: He has blown himself up.
    • Celebrity Rocket: He is pressing the big red button while a mushroom cloud appears out of the window behind him.
    • Dragon Nuts: He has jumped off a cliff with homemade wings strapped to his arms.
    • 1987: He is eating poison oak leaves.
    • Cracked China: He has severed his head with a hedge trimmer.
    • Rodigitti: He shaved off most of his fur with a razor.
    • Massage Chair: He has fallen in love with a python.
    • Password: Swordfish: He is hitting on a female monkey and her ape boyfriend is behind him
    • Adoption's an Option: His face is shown above his scientific name "Simian Stoopidicus".
    • The Munnery: He is walking away from a fish bowl with a goldfish hanging from the end of his fishing rod.
    • Metal Militia: He is throwing darts with one stuck in his right eye.
    • Veggies for Sloth: He has been impaled with a chainsaw from behind.
    • Sausage Fest: He is about to stick his finger in an empty light bulb socket.
    • Drippy Pony: He has been run over by a car after trying to get across the road with a chicken.
    • Day at the Circus: He has poked a pool cue in his right eye.
    • Lust for Puppets: He has inked an upside-down tattoo onto his chest.
    • Donkey Punch: He has stuck his hand into a meat grinder.
    • Book of Corrine: There are two variations in this episode: 1. He is tangled up in tape. "Please Stand By, We are Experiencing Technical Difficulties" is posted below him along with the adult swim logo. 2. He is hanging from a tree branch in one hand while sawing it off with the other.
  • Season 3:
    • Werewolf vs. Unicorn: He is holding up a sign that reads "War is the Answer."
    • Squaw Bury Shortcake: He is holding a knife in his hand and an octopus on his head at the sushi bar.
    • Rabbits on a Roller Coaster: He has fallen to a giant carnivorous monkey eating plant.
    • Tapping a Hero: He is holding a bow and arrow in his eye.
    • Shoe: He is feeding the animals when the sign says "Don't Feed the Animals" and has also lost a paw as a result.
    • Endless Breadsticks: He is eating from a kitty litter box.
    • Yancy the Yo-yo Boy: He attempted to eat a puffer fish.
    • More Blood, More Chocolate: He's wearing an "I'm with stupid" shirt that indicates himself.
    • Celebutard Mountain: He's chasing a butterfly off a cliff.
    • Moesha Poppins: He's attempting to steal a banana that belongs to a very large gorilla.
    • Ban on the Fun: He has fallen in love with a cactus.
    • Losin' the Wobble: He's focusing the sun's rays with a magnifying glass into his eye.
    • Slaughterhouse on the Prairie: He's in a giant condor's nest holding an egg, with the bird about to swoop down on him with his talons.
    • Robot Chicken's Half-A*sed Christmas Special: He is in bed, smoking a cigarette, next to a sock monkey, looking at "her" with love in his eyes.
    • Tubba-Bubba's Now Hubba-Hubba: He's eating a pack of "Montos" and drinking a diet coke.
    • Boo Cocky: He's on a water tube and about to be eaten by a shark.
    • Bionic Cow: He's gnawing on a bone while its pit bull owner looks on angerly.
    • Monstourage: He's about to mine for diamonds in a mine field.
    • President Evil: He's about to take a dip in a pool of molten lava.
    • Chirlaxx: He's gotten stuck in the La Bena Tar Pits.
  • Season 4:
    • Help Me: He's on top of a fire hydrant, thinking he is King Kong.
    • They Took My Thumbs: He's "surfing the 'net" by standing on a surfboard on top of his computer monitor.
    • I'm Trapped: He's about to whack a butterfly sitting on his head with a hammer.
    • In a DVD Factory: He just pulled the plug out the bottom of his lifeboat.
    • Tell My Mom: He's attempting to roast marshmallows over a fire ant hill.
    • P.S. Yes, In That Way: He's a matador wearing red.
    • Love, Maurice: He's juggling knives while consulting a book on how to do it.
    • Two Weeks Without Food: He's looking into the rear end of a skunk.
    • But Not In That Way: He's about to freshen his breath with a can of mace.
    • I Love Her: He stuck his paw into a fish tank full of piranhas.
    • We Are A Humble Factory: He's about to poke some stalactites in a cave with a broom handle.
    • Maurice Was Caught: He's in a cowboy duel with bananas instead of guns.
    • Unionizing Our Labor: He's cooking himself on a spit, happily turning it.
    • President Hu Forbids It: He's playing baseball with an upside-down bat.
    • Due to Constraints of Time and Budget: He scored a "birdie" by stuffing a bird into a golf hole.
    • The Ramblings of Maurice: He's taking a bath in radioactive waste.
    • Cannot Be Erased, So Sorry: He's "eating" a backwards ice cream cone with his eye.
    • Please Do Not Notify Our Contractors: He's a vampire swooning over a crate of blood oranges.
    • Especially the Animal Keith Crofford!: He's jumping rope with his intestines, all while a butcher knife is flying towards him.
    • Dear Consumer: He's selling Santa's reindeer by the pound.
  • Specials:
    • Christmas Special: He's hanged himself from a Christmas tree.
    • Star Wars Special: He's severed his hand with a lightsaber.
    • Second Star Wars Special: He's diving off the barge and Sarlacc swallowed.

2nd logo (2009-2012): On a very dark turquoise BG, we see a smiling monkey's head in silver and the name "STOOP!D MONKEY" below in a custom font. Everything shines.

3rd logo (2012-2013; 2015-): Same concept as the first logo, but the monkey is redrawn to look cuter and the text is in a orange gradient with a black outline, as well as bars for the "E" this time.


On Super Mansion, a single variant is used, where the monkey is at a job fair, dressed like a superhero (with the connected "OO" as his emblem) and at his own booth searching for super heroes. The text is situated to the bottom right.

4th logo (2014): We see the typeface of the two previous Stoopid Monkey logos on a red background. It is colored yellow and is focused on with a spotlight.


1st logo (2005-2009): The monkey making noise followed by the voice of an irritated Seth Green saying "Stupid Monkey!".

2nd logo (2009-2012): Same as the last logo.

3rd logo (2012-2013; 2015-): Same as the first logo.

4th logo: Same as the first logo.

Scare Factor

1st logo (2005-2009): Mostly depends on the subject matter in each variant:

  • Most of the variants: None. This is a very funny logo and is a favorite among Robot Chicken fans.
  • S&M Present Variant: Medium to nightmare. The monkey holding a gun in his mouth may be upsetting.
  • Plastic Buffet: Low to high, depending on how you feel about the monkey drinking bleach.
  • Drippy Pony, Donkey Punch, and Especially the Animal Keith Crofford! Variants: High to nightmare. The excessive amounts of blood and gore make these variants extremely disturbing and upsetting.

2nd logo (2009-2012): None.

3rd logo (2012-2013; 2015-): None. As is with the first logo, this logo is very funny.

4th logo (2014): None. Since we are not able to see the Monkey's antics, this is a boring logo indeed.

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