The company was formed by Scott A. Stone in 1988. In 1991, he joined David G. Stanley and renamed the company to Stone-Stanley Productions. In 2004, David Stanley left the company and Stone renamed his company to "Stone & Company Entertainment".

Scare RankEdit

Stone Stanley

The logo seen near the end of Legends of the Hidden Temple

Low (Legends of the Hidden Temple version)- Depending on ones point of view. Although the logo itself is not startling, Olmec's groaning ("HMMMMMMMMMM!") near the end of Legends of the Hidden Temple is the real factor here. The HMMM is hardly noticable, but may startle viewers which cause them to turn the TV on mute when they watch Legends again despite the fact that it is a kids' game show

Depending on the show- The scare factor depends on a show's closing. One example is Legends of the Hidden Temple (see above). Other logos can say A Stone Stanley productions and be harmless to viewers.