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Starry Night Productions Logo

Stary Night Productions is Reinhold Wedge (creator of Night Court)'s vanity logo used from Early 1984 to 1989. 

Logo DescriptionEdit

On a night sky background, we see a silhouette of the Chicago skyline with a gradient blue outline. Lake Michigan can be seen in front of the skyline. A shooting star soars up into the sky and explodes, making several stars appear in the sky. Afterward the company's logo in white and in a Times New Roman font appears below the skyline, followed by In Association With in a thinner Times New Roman font,then we see the 2003 and 1972 Warner Bros. logo.

Music/Sounds and FX/SFXEdit

Once the shooting star explodes, we hear a loud clap. A second later, an electric piano chord plays throughout the rest of the logo and into any Warner Bros. logo it precedes that sounds similar to "GOOM!". Creepy laughter can also be heard since the 11th episode of the first season of Night Court "Harry and the Rock Star", assuming to be from either Mel Blanc or Harry Anderson.

Scare FactorEdit

High. The shooting star,the background in Chicago,has caused more than a few scares to a good number of viewers, but less viewers than the V of Doom does.

Low to medium without the laughter.

However, it's tamer than the V of Doom frequently does


Starry Night Productions Logo (Original)

Starry Night Productions Logo (Original)

Starry Night Productions (Laughter Version)

Starry Night Productions (Laughter Version)