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Moe's Worst Logos

1. BND Mask Of Doom [Most Variants]. I Really Hate This Logo Because Of It's Overused Mask That's Getting Too Much On My Nerves.

2. Erry Vision. WAY TOO UGLY, JUST WAY TOO UGLY (AN: I Don't agree with this :/)

3. 20th Century Fox. How Could You Not Hate This Logo Really Bland And Boring To See.

4. Fabrica. Who's Idea Was This I Mean C'mon The Eye Lids Are Really Annoying.

Logo123's Worst Logos


4. Bad Hat Harry. Really Negative And Annoying At The Same Time.

3. Sega/EA. Just Like Sony Pictures Television, I'M SICK OF SEEING BOTH LOGOS OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

2. 2entertain. It's Making Me Wish I've Never Came Across This Logo Because Of The Annoying Theme.

MIOLE Presents The Worst Logo Ever Made [In My Opinion]

Incredible World Of DIC; REALLY, It's just making a bag of logos even more saltier due to the childish design and girl saying DIC, One of the worst logos of the decade [So Far]

Poopa Pig Presents; The Worst Logo Of All Time.

United Plankton Productions. OH MY GOD, This has to be the worst logo of the decade By Far, I Mean The The Theme's just Obnoxious, It Makes Me Wanna Throw The Remote At The TV. Teletoon. ( Scary Sound )

EMY Vision Presents The Worst Logo Ever Made

20th Century Fox. Very Bland And Cheesy At The Same Time Due To The Design And Music

Australian Made Presents The Worst Logo Ever Made

V Of Doom; Okay this logo Is seen mostly on shows that Viacom produced but I hate it because it's way Too Common and cheesy

ASDFMOVIE Presents the worst logo of all time

Sony Pictures Television; WAAAY TOO BORING

TallAutism2006's worst logos

Deep water. I don't like the CGI or music, and the sound effects are muffled. Not to mention that the subject matter, although intentional, is just violent.

Empire of Cinema. It's boring. When I mean boring, I don't mean boring, but BORING! All this is is the logo zooming out with the warning screen been written down (though the warning screen part is a unique and creative way to do a warning screen I have to admit). It's also long (because of the warning screen) and they stole a song.

Starz (2016). There's absolutely NOTHING special about it. It's just a light turning on with text appearing.

Title Entertainment Inc. It's very dull, on par with Starz's 2016 rebrand.

Boyd's Video. Just straight up boring and bad.

The Video Bancorp. Wow. Just... wow. That's all you've got?

Class Video. I can't think of any Argentinian logo worse than THAT!

Film and Drama Youth Organisation (FADYO, 2003-?). You know why, I'm not saying the reasons.

Kwang Young Products. Definitely the WORST VHS logo of all of South Korea!

Vijetha Video. Ugh... seriously!!? You think it's a good idea to blatantly steal the DTS 1993-2004 logo!? Man, you can even clearly see "DTS" as well along with the main title!! All in all, this make the freaking Enterprise Producciones logo look like a MASTERPIECE!

Shera Films (2016). Seriously!!? This is from 2016? That logo looks like a freaking 70s logo!

Touchstone Television. Wow, quality animation. Not. I mean, this is simply just Fox21 Television.

SGC2008's Top 3 Worst Logos

  1. Touchstone Television (2020)
  2. FADYO
  3. Laser Video

CityOfTheNight's Response

I wouldn't say I hate any logo but FADYO is probably the most poorly-made logo in existence. I think it's so bad it's hilarious. Lucky Star Incorporated Nigeria is pretty bad too, it steals the NBC peacock for no reason. At least the music is funky. Also, Lion Base. A complete ripoff of the MGM lion with really buzzy sound effects and general low quality. Finally, Best Films. A logo that REALLY doesn't live up to its name. It's a super cheesy 20th Century Fox ripoff that looks as though it was made really badly on Blender. (Not saying Blender is bad but that logo is.)

And while it isn't really a super bad logo, Mark VII Limited makes me feel distinctly uncomfortable.

nova's worst logos

Sega (Argentina): imagine trying to be the funny hedgehog company and failing miserably

Fadyo: ayo ma, can we have universal? we have universal at home. universal at home:

Boyd's: roll 'er back ,johnny!

L.A. Hero: and they say that the moon landing was faked with cgi

Speedy Video: me running from the irs because i committed severe amounts of tax evasion

more to come

Florafoxpokemon's Worst Logos

Erry Vision: The sound is just, ugh! I could play that on my recorder!

Ubu: The dog is cute, but the distorted image stupidly unsettles me.

Shadow Projects: I was scared of this while watching Bear in the Big Blue House!

V10V10V's Worst Logos

Hornet Arts (????): Literally the worst dream logo I ever made.

National Arts (1950s): The cheesiest logo I seen, which is cheesier than VIR. However, I started to like the logo when it got to the 1955-1974 logo, because it was much tamer than the first logo.

PBS Freakout (now deleted page as of 6th December 2020, can't find video): Just an awful glitched version of the Public Broadcasting Service logo.

(Feel free to respond.)

PegaKid Studios Entertainment's Worst Logos

SlaughterHouse Entertainment (1988): It might be the logo just spinning around to the screen but the omnious music and the scream at the end make it really creepy. I'm honestly scared to watch this 555 film, since if the VHS effects and gore weren't enough to make me uncomfortable the logo makes it much worse.

Gorgon Video: ...Medusa staring right into your soul, along with the f***ing omnious music. Everything in there is just really hard to watch.

Jubilee Productions Marupuram Variant: The fanfare cut after that paper sounds like a jumpscare...

Ismail Productions: The darkness and the rapid pace, plus the thunder.

OZ Film Close-up Variant: They say it's usually silent which makes it disturbing...

Tiger Productions: It cuts straight to the tiger's eyes from that Distribution Paper along with the fanfare.

Mimsie2010's Worst Logos

Georgia Public Broadcasting : The two notes are scary!!!

Out of the Blue Enterprises: I was Super scared of this while watching Wishenpoof!!!

Shadow Projects: I was Mega scared of this while watching The Book of Pooh!!!


Section 1: Rip-offs and copys

Before we get to the real scary stuff, we need to browse over some things on three parts off this. 1: Asia video: Copied Viacom music 2: Derann video: copied a logo that slid together: I need you're guy's help with this one. 3: ETV: copied starwars. 4: GDC: copied The warner bro's shield. 5: Home game: Copied Pac-man (Im not kidding) 6: Kim Loi Productions: Copied 20th century fox. 7: Korea media: Copied Viacom music. 8: Magia video home (Not that's not a typo) Copied V of steel. 9: Manoli films: Copied PS1 Startup sound. 10: Pap video: copied The Final Countdown from Europe. 11: TVS: Copied HBO Feature Presentation logo from the 1980's. 12: ATC: Copied the 1970 PBS head 12: Video memory: Copied Michel Jackson music

Section 2: Bland logos

1: Sega: Screaming and silent variant: It's weird to here a guy screaming, "SEGA!!" Instead of the normal, "Seg-a" As for the silent variant, it's unnecessary. 2: Stars: 2016 Variant: Bland. Need i say more? 3: Dna productions: Silent variant: Like the sega one, it's unnecessary.

Section 3: Logos that don't scare me, but scare other people.

1: Screen gems productions: V of Doom: Besides the 2 second ear blasting at the end, i don't think it's scary. 2: Wgbh Boston: all variants: They're just loud. moving on. 3: Viacom: V of Doom: Im gonna get alot of backlash for this one, but it's true. I don't think this one is scary to ME. 4: BBC Ribbons of doom (ended 2009) and shreaks of doom (Ended 1998) They're not scary to me, but i understand how a little kid will get scared by the choir in the shreaks of doom. 5: Columbia Pictures: Unicorn swearing variant: I know you might raise an eyebrow, but it's real, and it isn't scary.

Section 4: the thing you came here for

1: BND: What way could we start off my list with none other then the BND logo 2: Adult Swim: The Dawn is You're Enemy: Another great way to start off my list.

Surprisingly, thats all the notable ones that are the worst, i need you're help again.

Ruby0215's Worst Logos:

1. Ear Booker Productions (1997) Reason: MY EYES!!! 2. Shera Films (2016) Reason: This logo gave me jump scares 3. KM Video (1981-1982) Reason: The logo is UGLY!!!


RustedRusher4455's Least Favorite Logos

  • Class Video: The slow animation angers me whenever I watch it
  • Fax Video Design: Watching this one in action is tough. It looks so bad. Even the music can't redeem it.
  • Amaco Productions: Featuring one of the most awful sounds in logo history, and probably the history of the world in general.

Nick The Ice Cream Sandwich's Least Favorite Logos

  • Oz Film: The Head Is So Scary!
  • Klasky Csupo Robot: The Face Is Creepy!