Scary Logos Wiki

On this page, you can discuss some of the scariest logos you have seen, whether if it was from your childhood, or recently seen.

NOTE: It doesn't have to be a logo you're scared of; it can be a logo that you find scary or were scared of. Dream logos are also acceptable.


I have some scary logos, but it's definitely Horror Factory Entertainment. I mean, pretty easily. Already, we're greeted with creepiness. But the jumpscare will surprise many people who watch a movie with this logo. If you don't get jumpscared by it, let's just say you've probably seen a lot. But yeah. This has been, and will always be, the scariest logo of ALL TIME in my opinion!


A little off topic, but I gotta say, I am impressed. This wiki used to be a complete dumpster fire, but someone (or several people) came along and made this wiki actually really interesting! I remember this wiki being actually laughable when it came to it's weird users, unnecessary categories, and honestly, it was not very well moderated. Now it's, yknow, a real wiki! With real content! So good job, random wikia users!


Oh yeah, I guess I'll add to the discussion. In my opinion the scariest logo I've seen is either one of the PS1 error screens, "Fearful Harmony," or "Personified Fear." The PS1 startup is ominous enough, but these two error screens just give me chills. Once again, great job on renovating the wiki! I look forward to reading more on it!


For me personally, i would have to agree and say the scariest moving logo is the BND logo. the fact the creepy face is there is scaring. But if that logo didn't exist, i would say "The dawn is you're enemy" Logo from Adult swim from the early 2000's to 2009. I remember i stayed up late watching cable tv when i stumbled across the Adult Swim channel. My parents would let me watch tv but sometimes forgot to put me to sleep. One day in 2009, (Yes, i was less then a year old at this time) It was one of those times again where my mom forgot to turn off the tv, so the remote fell on the floor, and then it switched to adult swim. My baby self thought, "Wow! more cartoons!" It was at the end of a family guy rerun, at least i think it was, when IT showed up. Picture this, You wake up at 9:00 Pm and it's dark out. You fell asleep watching family guy reruns, and you woke up at the credits. then all of a sudden, BOOM! You're terrified out of you're mind as the sun stares at you, a guy looks like he's panicking and he's bigger then the tv, and the words, "The dawn is you're enemy" Pops up and scares you. I slept throughout the day the next day, and when i woke up, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse was on as my parents turned it on for me then went to sleep. but i was still scared from that, so watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the rest of the time.


I agree with Sisaiahb07. Horror Factory Entertainment has one of the scariest logos I've ever heard of. Horror Factory Entertainment makes HORROR MOVIES, which raises the scare factor.


New Line Cinema's Logo From Freddy Vs. Jason Could have made it on to my top 20, But it wasn't scary at all for me. The one at the top of my list is The Information Department Of The Government Of Nepal (1964).

Now this is piqq speaking here so the scariest logo i have found is video game videos inc becouse of the scary looking cat from mickeys rebuttal


There are many logos that scared me when I was little, such as THX and Stretch Films. But I would say that the scariest logos in my opinion now are:

  • Horror Factory (2015): The jumpscare gets me every time.
  • Team Happy Rainbow Panda Bears: Let's not go there...
  • TV3 Horror Struck Band ID: I am permanently scarred from this logo, so, yeah.
  • Information Department of the Nepalese Government: We all know this one.
  • Fabrica: Those eyes are staring right into my soul! I mean, just, this is creepy!
  • Timpson Films: This logo makes me throw up. Don’t ask me about any more details.

Boilmanhot: Fabrica: Those eyes man are so creepy this is more scary than Timpson Films Timpson Films: A dead naked man bloody WHO CAME UP WITH IS FUCKING CRAP Video game videos inc.: That cat is so scary when i saw this logo i never watched it again BND of doom: This jumpscare is so bad i got a heart attack Ear booker productions: It's flashing so hard and weird al made this (The least scary of the scariest logos i have ever seen) Horror factory entertainment (France) SCARY! The jumpscare made me barf