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TallAutism2006's Response

Master Arts Video: I like the edginess and environment of the logo, and the music sounds OK. However, the dragon, for me, well, no offense, but it looks somewhat laughable just by the design, and the fireball just pops out of nowhere, which is strange. The video quality is also very bad, though it was probably due to a tape error or that it was filmed like this.

Videoring: The music sounds pretty catchy and '70s-ish, and the animation, well, I don't hate. But the animation is rather excessive and could potentially cause seizures.

786 DS Films: The animation is poor, but that was typical Indian film animation. You also have the thunder sound, which is loud, even though it shouldn't be. The music, however, doesn't sound bad at all (in fact, I find it somewhat relaxing) and it was typical Indian music, too. I'm also not too hard on the animation either.


My neutral logos are Warner Home Video (1996) and Sony Pictures Television (2002).


Tenneh10 Studios: Not a bad logo, could improve on the logo text by the way.

Awaken Video: Sick logo that I made, by the way it can improve on the colours.

Matthew Boivin

My Neutral Logos Are IMDb TV (2021) & Tubi (2017).