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TallAutism2006's best logos

ABC DVD Video (2001-2008; 2010): My #1 favourite logo of all time.

PolyGram Video (1990-1993): Awesome animation and music, with the animation still holding up to this day. Definitely my favourite VHS logo.

BBC Two; Optics (1992-2001; 2014; 2017-2018): Definitely my favourite BBC Two ident thanks to the music and rather somewhat relaxing animation, which, for me, kinda looks like a galaxy.

Universal (1997-2012 and 2012-): Really amazing CGI all over the place! 2012's logo jus makes it look more realistic and impressive.

MTC Video (1987?-1996): This is definitely my favourite Greek VHS logo of all time, thanks to the awesome music and animation (it's dated for today, but back then, it looked good, een for a Greek VHS logo).

Kanaal 2 - Lights: The music is really relaxing, and so are the light animations.

HBO Feature Presentation (both 1982-2002 and 2017-)

  • 1982-2002: It's a very unique and interesting logo, especially during the time, and it still stands out very well! It's also dome entirely in live-action with no CGI in it (if you don't believe me, watch [video]).
  • 2017-: Even if it has some computer elements in there, it still keeps the reputation of the other logo I talked about. The music is very amazing, and the concept of the logo is breathtaking, and I'm glad to see that not all modern-day logos are getting blander and blander overtime.

SGC2008's Favorite Logos

  1. 20th Century Studios
  2. Paramount Pictures
  3. Universal Pictures

CityOfTheNight's Response

Oh, I have so many favourite logos. But if you're really pushing for the answer my favourite logo is The Video Collection, because I like the music of the TV making variant and the colours of the logo remind me of an NES controller. I like VCI as well but not as much as The Video Collection. I also like it because it was on my old school's two Mr Bean tapes, and I love Mr Bean and that's also where I watched my first VHS tape, the cooking room had a TV with a VCR built in because they had this video called Hy-Genie which was on VHS that we had to watch at the start of the year, they also had the Mr Bean ones, and one called 'Bad Food Live' but I never watched that. I got to watch them because the breakfast club I went to every day was in the cooking room and they let me watch them while I ate my Rice Krispies. (There wasn't exactly a queue to go watch them, I was the only one interested lol.) Unfortunately they got rid of the TV and all the VHS tapes before I changed school which makes me very sad. But that's why it's my favourite logo. Those Mr Bean tapes had the Thames Video logo on them too!

PegaKid Studios Entertainment's Best Logos

THX Genesis (2019) I used to be scared of this logo's sound as a kid but this one has definitely made an improvement. The CGI of the buildings and the nature is beautiful!

Paramount Animation (Star Skipper) The CGI with Star Skipper throwing that star is nice.

VIDgital (2017) I also used to be scared of the mask but I actually like looking at this one as well as the CGI with the frog walking on top of the mask. I also don't think the old VID masks scare me anymore.

Klasky Csupo (Splaat logos) The mascot is actually cute imo

Universial Studios: I enjoyed watching the land light up on the earth.

Walt Disney Pictures: Gives me dat nostalgia vibe. (AN: I hate disney!!!!!!!!)

RustedRusher4455's Favorite Logos

  • I have multiple THX favorites. Ironic, since Broadway used to scare me
    • Tex 2: Moo Can: This one is nostalgic to me, and I used to find it very funny as a child.
    • Amazing Life: This one was my favorite THX logo as a child. Beautiful animation, great atmosphere, even the Deep Note isn't quite as noisy here. Funny story, I used to try to get other people to watch it.
    • Genesis: Even aside from the praises I can give to how beautiful it looks, I love the idea of Tex being on a massive spaceship and the THX logo being a gigantic space station. And in fact, I love that they brought back Tex at all.
  • UGC (1982): This one gave me chills the first time I saw it. It just has this awesome feeling to it.
  • Select Video: I actually think the music sounds nice. That might be an unpopular opinion though.
  • BBC Video
    • 1984: Great music, cool visuals. It almost feels reassuring for some reason...
    • 1997: Its music sounds relaxing, and it's also a bit nostalgic for me.
  • Gaumont (2011): It creates a nice atmosphere and has beautiful music. Probably my favorite logo of the 2010's alongside THX Genesis.
  • Pixar: This was my favorite logo ever as a child, and it still feels satisfying even today. Though I wish it was more common to see the version where it goes dark, the lamp light is still on, and then it turns off, because I loved that as a kid.
  • Carolco Pictures: Just like UGC, it has an awesome feeling to it.

GideonGrey2002's Favorite Logos

  • Here are my top 5 favorite logos.
  • 5. OZ Films (1914): I've Had Enough Of People Hating On This Logo. I actually found this logo puzzling at first. But now, It's one of my personal favorite logos.
  • 4. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1957 Variation): It was tough which MGM Variant to choose, But I went with 1957's variant since it was Leo's Debut.
  • 3. The Baby Einstein Company (1997): This logo gives me warm and fuzzy feelings every single time.
  • 2. Bryanston Pictures (1974): This sounds futuristic and way ahead of its time. AWESOME! It sounds as if it's on the SEGA Genesis.
  • 1. New Line Cinema (2003): Out of all New Line Cinema Logos, The one from Freddy Vs. Jason Is My Favorite. IT'S RED! RED'S MY FAVORITE COLOR.

Matthew Boivin's Favorite Logos

  1. Walt Disney
  2. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
  3. OZ Films