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Background Information

Saban Productions is a entertainment company that is famous for the Power Rangers franchise. It was founded by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy.



1st Logo: Against a light indigo/white gradient background (in which a few stars can be faintly seen), we see a static shot of a purple Saturn-like planet, with a ring. In the middle of the planet and the ring, the word "S A B A N" is seen in a stylized font similar to the Pac-Man font. Below it is the word "P R O D U C T I O N S". On the bottom half of the planet to the left, there are five lines.


  • On Kidd Video, the Saban logo is seen in a box in the upper left corner of the screen, and the DiC logo in the bottom right; the corner of the Saban logo overlaps the DiC logo. They are up against an orange background with a streak in the middle.
  • On the pilot episode of Kidd Video, the Saban logo is seen in the bottom right corner and the DiC logo in the upper left, which overlaps Saban. They are on a black background with a streak in the middle.
  • On a tape of The New Archies, the logo fades out early.

2nd logo: On a background with stars, a white marble rectangle with a round hole in the middle moves slowly from the left-hand side of the screen towards the middle of the screen, growing as it does so. In the hole, "glowing" but in black lettering, is the word "SABAN" and below the circle-shaped hole is the word "PRODUCTIONS" (in later years "ENTERTAINMENT"), or "INTERNATIONAL" for international distribution, with a gold line underneath. On the right side of the screen, a gold "coin" (or plate) twirls towards the middle of the screen as well. As the coin gets closer to the rectangle and the middle of the screen, it starts twirling faster and faster until it is affixed firmly in the hole in the center of the rectangle like a magnet attracting metal. Three white lines form on the bottom-left of the circle.


A still variant exists.

3rd logo:

A group of children, who are ethnically diverse and wearing what appears to be spandex jumpsuits (some are wearing green, some are wearing red, and some are wearing yellow) with patterns all over them, are shown in a circle, looking upward as the camera revolves around and zooms out for a second. Then, it fades to a shot of the children from above as they take a piece of orange-yellow cloth with a globe pattern imprinted on it and throw it in the air as they are standing on opposite ends of a small "orb". Then, it fades to another shot of the children, who are shown raising their hands up and releasing brown, spherical objects into the air as they fade out as the orb (which resembles an Earth globe with yellow water and red and green continents) "transforms" into the Saban logo, which resembles a shiny gold crescent moon on the right with 3 "swishing" lines on the left. The word "SABAN" appears below the logo. The Saban logo zooms-in slightly. This is done on a cloudy sky background that seems to converge towards the center.


There are 5 variations of this logo:

  • A "short" version that only has the "hands-up" part of the animation with an abridged version of the music (two different versions were used).
  • A "medium" version that lacks the close-up shot of the children. The music plays in its entirety (though sometimes only the first six notes and the last note of the jingle plays).
  • The long version has all of the shots in the logo and the complete music.
  • The logo was still on the video game Power Rangers Zeo vs the Machine Empire.
  • Some Saban Entertainment shows distributed outside North America have "INTERNATIONAL" at the bottom.
  • A weird stretched variant for Saban International would be seen on the TV movie On Thin Ice: Going For The Gold.
  • On Rusty: A Dog's Tale and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, the logo is filmed.


1st logo: A synthesized theme with a descending synth sound, ending in 5 hits.

Music/Sounds Variants

  • The theme was high-pitched and sped-up on the Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n Wrestling special, All Time Champ.
  • On ALF: The Animated Series, the last few notes of the Saban logo theme was used.
  • On Kidd Video, the end theme plays over it.

2nd logo:

A short synthesized theme ending in what sounds like a jail door slamming shut. For most of the '90s shows, the end of the show's theme played over it.

Music/Sounds Variants

  • There are two short versions. The first one is the 2nd half of the logo theme. The other has the first 3 notes and the slamming jail door sound.
  • Sometimes, the "slamming door" sound is omitted.
  • The music was altered in 2010 for the remastered version of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This time it consists of a series of loud whooshes that culminate in a different "slamming door" sound.

3rd logo: A 13-note flute/xylophone-like jingle that eventually coalesces into a trumpet. The sounds of children laughing are also heard throughout. Some wind is audible too.

Music/Sounds Variants

  • The logo was shortened to 7 notes.
  • Sometimes, the "INTERNATIONAL" version uses 10 notes that are rearranged.
  • A low tone version exists using the same 10 rearranged notes. This variant appears on some episodes of Action Man outside of Canada.
  • The 10 notes version is sometimes shortened to 6 notes for both normal and "INTERNATIONAL" versions. This appears on the TV movie On Thin Ice: Going For The Gold and some shows such as Space Goofs and Diabolik.
  • One season 3 episode of the French dub of Bobby's World have a weird monaural reverb effect.
  • On international airings and the Australian DVD release of Au Pair, instead of the children's laughing, it plays the 2 first notes of the 1998 Fox Family Productions logo before the music plays normal. This only appears at the end of the movie.
  • In other cases, the ending theme of the show is played.
  • On Rusty: A Dog's Tale and Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie, the opening theme of the film is played over the logo.

Scare Factor

1st logo: Low to medium. The music may startle some, and some may be creeped out by the logo design.

2nd logo: Low. The "jail door slamming shut" may unnerve some people or even make them laugh, but the logo is otherwise tame. Minimal with the closing theme.

3rd logo: None to minimal. The music and the children may catch someone off-guard, and it may quickly become annoying to some, but it's a very memorable logo that still holds up really well.



Saban (1984-1988)


DiC Entertainment-Saban International-Fox Kids Worldwide (1981-84-1996-1998)