On a blue cloudy background, curved metal bars fly by. As it zooms out, it's revealed to be a gyroscope. During the zoom, there are flashes of light. "REVOLUTION" flashes in in front of the gyroscope. As the logo rests in its position, "STUDIOS" flashes in under "REVOLUTION". The letters shine and the globe shimmers.

Availability Edit

Common. It's seen on films from Revolution Studios such as Click, Darkness Falls, 13 Going on 30, Little Man, and The Benchwarmers. The shortened version appears on the series Are We There Yet? on TBS and local syndication and Anger Management: The Series on FX. The version with the orchestrated fanfare appears on Jet Li's The One, America's Sweetheartsand Tomcats.

Scare Factor Edit


For the regular variant: Minimal bordering on low for those who can't stand whooshes, but this is a great logo.

For the Perfect Stranger variant: Medium to nightmare, depending on what you think about the red background. Also, some people would expect the common regular logo. However, this is definitely appropriate for the movie it made, as Perfect Stranger is a horror film.

For the Christmas With The Kranks variant: Low to medium. The freezing and fast pace can get to some.

For the Zoom variant: Low, bordering on medium. The transition with it becoming in a comic book can startle someone.

For the fanfare variant: Low to medium, especially if you were expecting the more common regular version.

For the movie's opening theme: Minimal to low. There is no swoosh noise, but the spinning can get to some.

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Logo Revolution Studios

Logo Revolution Studios