Renaissance Pictures is a film company logo consisting of the Mona Lisa-like portrait being torn up revealing lightning, then the words Renaissance Pictures appear. Chanting monks can be heard in the background throughout the entire logo. It usually appears during the end of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,Β Xena: The Warrior Princess, Ash vs Evil Dead and Jack of all Trades. It also appears at the end of Cleopatra 2525, Hercules and Xena: The Animated Movie, Young Hercules and the last two Darkman sequels. Closing Logos Group describes it as one of the scariest logos ever made.

Scare FactorEdit

High to nightmare- The Mona Lisa being torn up is already pretty scary but it gets even more frightening when you see the lightning. The music is also ominous and daunting.

Watch...if you dare.Edit

Renaissance Pictures Logo

Renaissance Pictures Logo