Scary Logos Wiki


1st logo (1981-1982)

On a green background, we see the Rank Organization "gong man" and gong being drawn in, while a rounded rectangle draws in, too. The logo zooms in, and we see white lines coming from both sides of the screen as "RANK VIDEO LIBRARY" in a segmented font slides in.

2nd logo (1982-1988)

On a black background, we see black words "RANK VIDEO" in bright cerulean outline zooming, then the words color themselves bright cerulean and zoom out. After this, an icon of a man hitting a gong (in the same color as "RANK VIDEO") flips in.

3rd logo (1988-1993)

A hand drawn version of the gong man rotates in. The man hits the gong again, and glows emerald green and shines, while the words "Rank Home Video" wipe in.


A synth whoosh and a "gong". In some cases, a droning synthesizer turn in a similar menacing fashion as the next logo's music.

Something like synthesized howling wind, which resembles a thunderstorm, fading into an ominous synth fanfare.

A synthesized fanfare with a gong sound when the man hits the gong.

Scare Factor 

1st logo

Medium to high for the one with the synth drone; Low to medium with the whoosh and gong. They're nothing compared to the next logo, though...

2nd logo

High to nightmare. The music may remind you of a scary thunderstorm and the dark background doesn't help matters. However, the logo appears to be a fan favourite.

3rd logo

Low to medium. It's much better than the other one.