Scary Logos Wiki


1st logo: On a foggyred background, there's a sculpture of a woman trying to escape from a man. Above it, there iscurved text (in the form of an arch): "RAMSAY FILMS". The camera zooms out and the sculpture is fully revealed along with the rest of the background, which is a sunset.

2nd logo: On a sunset background, the statue from the previous logo appears from the right and moves to the left side of the screen. Right after the statue stops moving, "RAMSAY FILMS" appears with a moving blood-red color to it.

Variant: On Darwaza, the text instead says "RAMSAY BROTHERS'" and is plain yellow.

3rd logo: TBA.


1st logo: None.

2nd logo: A howl of a wolf, with two bangs of a drum and a kind of roar of a panther. After this, there are more drums pounding along with another roar of a panther, with another howl of a wolf. There is the sound of a horn playing throughout.

3rd logo: TBA.

Scare Factor

1st logo: Low to medium. The statue's concept is questionable, but this is nothing compared to the next logo.

2nd logo: Depends of the variant:

  • Original Variant: Nightmare. The dark atmosphere, statue, sounds, and blood-red text are bound to scare many people. It is currently considered one of the scariest Indian logos ever made. However, this is very appropriate considering the genre of films this company specializes in.
  • Darwaza Variant: High. The brighter appearance and lack of the blood red text make it less scary.

3rd logo: Low to medium because of the whoose. However, this logo is tamer than the previous one.



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