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RKO Television Logo 1985


RKO Television was the identity used by RKO General in its television assets, most notably WOR-TV (now WWOR-TV) in Secaucus, New Jersey (also serving New York City) and KHJ-TV (now KCAL-TV) in Los Angeles. RKO General became infamous for dishonest practices and corporate misconduct, causing them to be in near constant investigation starting in the 1960s. In 1987, the FCC ruled that RKO General was unfit to be a broadcast licensee, forcing the company to divest of all of its broadcasting assets. The final television station to be sold was WHBQ-TV in 1990, with the remaining radio assets being sold by 1991.


1st logo (1983-1987)

On a plain black background, a segmented white-lined rectangle with a cut on the left side and the text "RKO PICTURES" below emerges from the top of the screen, and moves down and curves up as if a roller coaster, zooming up to the center of the screen. We also see a red variant of the thunderbolt from the closing 1929 RKO Radio Pictures logo flipping up and growing in size as it lands below the cut on the rectangle in between "RKO" and "PICTURES." The text "DISTRIBUTED BY" appears above the logo.

2nd logo (1987-1992)

  • Opening: The logo begins the same as in the first one. After a couple seconds, a segmented white-lined rectangle with a cut on the left side and the text "RKO PICTURES" appearing on opposite sides of the red thunderbolt triangle design emerges from the transmitter tip, and moves downward, zooming towards the lower third of the screen, then the background fades to black.
  • Closing: The closing logo of these movies is a still picture of the opening logo, with "An RKO Picture" in a "thunderbolt" font.

3rd logo (1992)

On a black background, the words "RELEASED THROUGH" appear on the top. Below is "RKO PICTURES DISTRIBUTION". The words are in blue.

4th logo (1992)

On a black background is a box with a white border with the thunderbolt triangle at the bottom. Inside the box is the famous radio tower on earth. On top the antenna "R", "K" and "O" appear one by one, in red and in its company font. Then "PICTURES" flies in and rests at the bottom of "RKO". Then "DISTRIBUTION" appears at the bottom at the top of the thunderbolt triangle.

5th logo (1996-)

In this version, the sky background and Earth globe look more realistic. A bright light is seen on the transmitter tip of the radio tower situated on top of the rotating globe as the picture zooms outward. The radio tower then sends out signals illustrated by sound waves coming from its transmitter. The text "RKO PICTURES" fades in on top of the transmitter. "RKO" appears in a red "thunderbolt" font while "PICTURES" sports a more '30s-ish typeface below that.

6th logo (2009-2018?)

We see the previous logo animating in reverse in black & white. As it zooms to the bright light, there is a thunderbolt that appears out of the light and it displays the letters "RKO" in silver lettering with a shine effect. The clouds later fade into a black background.


A synthesized tune with rising air and a boom noise as the logo parts come together, followed by a gradual synthesized fade out.

A series of "Morse code" beeps. The closing variant is silent.


Along with the morse code beeps, a drumbeat is heard when each letter of "RKO" appears.

A triumphant fanfare with Morse code beeps at the end. Sometimes, the opening theme is heard.

Same as the last logo.

Scare Factor

1st logo

Medium to high. The synth music and the animation effects may scare some people.

2nd logo

Medium. The creepy "Morse code" transmission sound FX may cause some scares. Low for the closing variant.

3rd logo


4th logo

Along with the morse code beeps, a drumbeat is heard when each letter of "RKO" appears.

5th logo

Minimal. Although a well-liked logo, the creepy "Morse code" transmission sound FX may still get to some people.

6th logo

Same as the last logo.



RKO Television logo 1985