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Protect and Survive was a public information series on civil defense produced by the UK government during the late 70's to early 80's. This system would of been used to inform British citizens on how to protect themselves during a nuclear attack. It consisted of a mixture of pamphlets, radio broadcasts, and public information films. It was mainly meant to be distributed in the event of dire national emergency. the system provoked so much public interest, this lead to the pamphlets being authorized for general release. The public information films were intended for transmission on all television channels only if the government determined that nuclear attack was likely within 72 hours.

(Late 70's-Early 80's):

  • Opening: We see a mushroom cloud from a nuclear explosion on a blue background being looped again and again, after a few seconds we see a pink ring with the black circle inside it (Part of the Protect & Survive logo). The rest of the Protect & Survive logo then appears, consisting of a family of four from left to right, A teenage girl, A father, A mother, and a younger brother, all in pink nonetheless. It then fades into the start of the film.
  • Closing: As the film fades into the logo, we see the family from the Protect & Survive logo in white zooming out on a blue background. It then stops in the middle of the screen. After this, the 'PROTECT AND SURVIVE' text fades in roughly. Shortly after this, the text then warps around the family and the text turns solid. The logo remains on for a few seconds before the logo fades out.


  • Opening: The sound of a nuclear bomb going off.
  • Closing: A weird synth music piece composed by Roger Limb (Best known for his work in Doctor Who and composing some of the show's soundtrack).

Scare Factor

  • Opening: High. The explosion can scare some people, especially if they don't like explosions.
  • Closing: Medium to nightmare. While it doesn't have the explosion anymore, the synth theme is very weird and unsettling, along with the text warping around the family.



"Protect and Survive" - Outro Music Jingle & Logo-1

The outro of the informational videos.