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Pony Video logo 1987.jpg


1st logo (1982-1987)

On a blue gradient background, a white spotlight zooms from the bottom towards the horizon and flashes before vanishing. Two yellow shapes zoom from the horizon as the camera angle changes slightly, they are two yellow circles. The circle on the left has a rectangular edge on the lower-left corner, and the circle on the right has a line from the middle of the circle to the right side. A thin yellow flash of light appears below the shapes and reveals "PONY VIDEO" in red, which is briefly seen before it fades out. The shapes flip over and turn into two identical circles, which flash and merge together to form one circle. The circle flips up and we zoom into it to reveal a black background where a series of glowing lines, stars and circles move around, like a light show. After that, the Pony Video "shapes", now red and the text, also red, zoom out from the top and bottom respectively before meeting in the center of the screen. The background then turns white.

2nd logo (1987-1989)

On an indigo/white gradient background, a white blob moves from the right side of the screen and stops in the center where it draws out the Fuji TV "Eye" logo (without the red dot). The words"PONY VIDEO", yellow but in a different font than in the previous logo, sweep from the left of the screen and move through the eye. As they leave the eye, the red dot fades in, forming the Fuji TV logo. "PONY VIDEO" then zooms out from the screen, with a 3D-trail that shrinks as it settles below the eye.

3rd logo (1988-2001)

On a sky blue/white gradient with a gray ground background, a living eyeball with an eyebrow zooms up from the bottom of the screen and pauses in mid-air and blinks twice. Then it zooms into the screen so the sclera (white part of the eye) takes up the entire screen which cuts to a scene on a mostly gray background with a "sun"-like light shining in the upper-left corner of the screen and some multicolor changing on the other side, where a CGI-generated face, just an eyes, mouth and eyebrows face, is laughing. Then, as a field of somewhat odd shapes goes through the screen behind the face, the mouth and eyes suddenly change shape as it appears to be crying and then it moves up the screen as the background becomes completely psychedelic. Then a slew of somewhat odd living shapes appear from various parts of the screen, including an odd looking triangular creature with what looks like a plant or green hair on top with a buck tooth that jumps from the left, then appears to be gasping in shock as another shape from the right of the screen passes through the right and the buck-toothed-shape turns around to look at it. Then it cuts to a scene where a rod with eyes on two more rods with two triangles on top and bottom zooms out and flies to the left as two chess piece like shapes come from both sides of the screen and the one on the left bobs up and down, seemingly tapping on something, as a CGI mask (looks like Andross from the Star Fox series) comes from the left and zooms far out as it goes to the right of the screen, then a triangle with two eyes comes out from behind the chess shapes and goes into the screen very fast just as it cuts to a gray background where all the other shapes (except the eye), including the crying face, buck-toothed triangle and a couple others which zoom out revealing itself to be inside a transparent circle with white confetti floating down inside it which zooms into the center and fades out as the Fuji TV eye fades in with "PONY CANYON" underneath. Then another odd-looking creature, basically a long line with three eyes and one pink shoe, jumps from the left towards the right.

4th logo (1991-1995)

On a black background, we see the Fuji eye logo with the red dot. Below there's "PONY CANYON" and "PRESENTS" in a golden gradient.

Later Variant

The Fuji eye logo is in plain 2D, the text is white and reads "PONY CANYON, INC." and the Japanese name is seen below.

5th logo (1992-2012)

On a gray and rippling background, the words "PONY CANYON" zoom by. Then, a beige ring and sphere move. The sphere and the ring go through each other in alternating directions several times. The sphere settles in the ring and the ring rotates a bit. The ring spins, and it grows three protrusions that become the "eyebrows" of the now-finished Fujisankei "eye" logo. "PONY CANYON" suddenly flies beneath the "eye", causing the whole thing to jiggle a bit.

6th logo (2004-2016)

On a gradient gray background, several curved lines draw three circles resembling DVDs with big holes. The logo rotates into full view as it is being drawn. "PONY CANYON" appears below, rotating even faster.

7th logo (2016-)

On a white background, several dots drop onto the ground. The dots form some of the lettering, then more letters tumble out to reveal the text "pony canyon", in abstract design, with a red "c". At the same time, a large black capital "P" and a smaller red "c", both with an abstract design, are "drawn in". The logo stays like this until it fades to black.


A calm, dreamy synth tune with synthesized percussion during the light show and a shine sound effect when the print logo zooms out and a looped synth whistling sound effect when the background turns white. Electronic beeps are heard at the beginning when the spotlight moves.

An odd dreamy synth ditty that that starts off with what sounds like a tune on cowbells, a strange reverberating series of click sounds that changes pitch after one set and the same tune from before with bongos added.

To start off with, the music has some of dreamy music ditty, and to end it, the sound effects are the eyeball making a descent noise as it zooms up and pauses, then a whoosh as it zooms in, then some distorted alien-like laughing as the face laughs then even weirder crying when the face cries, a trumpet note when the buck-toothed triangle gapes, then a sliding-up whistle sound as the triangle-rod-two eyed shape appears and moves up, then a "plinking" noise when the chess-like object tapes, then a sliding-down whistle as the two-eyed triangle appears, then a quick whoosh as it moves into the screen, then a weird fading out noise, probably the face crying, then two chiming ditties as the three-eyed object with a shoe jumps to the right.


Assorted metallic sounds and a "cling" when "PONY CANYON" flies beneath the "eye".

A simple synth note followed by ringing three-ding sound.


Scare Factor

1st logo

Low to medium. It might scare anyone sensitive to objects moving towards them, but it's still a good logo.

2nd logo

Medium. The music might not sit well with some people, but it's nothing compared to the next logo.

3rd logo

Low to high. The psychedelic background and all the very odd and bizarre shaped creatures as well as the laughing face may creep out others, but this is one of the weirdest logos ever!

4th logo

None. This is not weird or busy as the previous was.

5th logo

Minimal to medium, mainly due to "PONY CANYON" flying in. However, it's tamer than the 1st logo.

6th logo


7th logo