Please Pray the Rosary is a Philippine Roman Catholic advocacy commissioned by Fr. Patrick Peyton, CSC of the Family Rosary Crusade. The station ID is used in ABC 5 before the start of every program from March 31, 1996 until December 31, 2003.


It consists of the Virgin Mary suddenly appearing and gradually zooming out in the screen with an ominous choir singing in the background with the Blessed Mother saying "I ask every family: 'Please, pray the Rosary' ". When Mary says the latter part, (i.e. Please, pray the Rosary) the said phrase appears with Mama Mary's signature on the bottom right of the phrase on the screen. It then shifts to a male voice saying "The family that prays together, stays together" which is a motto originated by Fr. Patrick Peyton with the bottom part of the Rosary in the very right corner of the screen

Please pray The Rosary TVC

Please pray The Rosary TVC


Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary is cute, loveable and friendly. Love me?

Scare FactorEdit

Low to High. Or should I say NIGHTMARE?! (none to low for Filipino Catholics who are used to the commercial)- For most Filipinos (since most of them are Roman Catholics), the sudden appearance of the Virgin Mary in the commercial is not really startling, and her voice and appearance (but some consider the Virgin Mary's stare as startling) is mostly loving and sweet. The loud ominous choir takes the effect behind the scare of the commercial. But when it comes to the male voice, the scare factor lessens since the ominous choir simply just hums until the end of the commercial.


  • The image of the Virgin Mary used in the commercial is based from Our Lady of Medjugorje
  • There is another variation of the commercial where the Virgin Mary suddenly fades in and Her face color suddenly changes from blue to orange. Another variant is where her face turns pink. [1]
  • The voice of the Blessed Mother was lent by Lydia Sison, a long time friend of Fr. Peyton and the male annotation was made by Jess Decolongon.
  • The TVC is still aired today during the Family Rosary Crusade
  • The TVC also appeared in the movie Deadpool.
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  • It also has a billboard based on it. On the left is the same picture of Mary used in the ad which is colored and on the right is the same message and signature used along with the rosary which is black, not blue. [2]