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1st logo: We see the 1986-2002 Paramount logo (with the Viacom byline) already formed. However, the "Paramount" text is black and a disc is behind the mountain. "DVD" is below the mountain, with the Viacom byline below that.

2nd logo: Same as the 90th anniversary variant of the 2002 movie logo, but it's videotaped and zoomed out.

Later Variant

VHS and DVD releases from 2003 to 2006 use the standard variant of the movie logo.

3rd logo: It starts off with the 2002 Paramount logo animation with the stars flying through the clouds, the zoom out of the "Paramount" script, and the stars coming in and circling around the mountain. When we are at a comfortable distance, a DVD disc flies in from the bottom, glides and settles behind the summit and the Paramount script. Then, a bright flash underneath the peak brings forth "DVD" with a line below it, and the Viacom byline (in the same font as the 1990 Viacom logo) below the line. The background fades to black, and a white laser scans the disc in a downward motion, turning the entire DVD Paramountain silver. The finished product almost resembles the Paramount DVD print logo.


At the end of the logo, a menu would appear with two selections which are "PREVIEWS" and "MAIN MENU", both of which would take you to exactly what it said on the tin when selected. When either one was selected, the Paramount logo fades out, with the selections disappearing a few seconds afterward. This was seen on some early DVD releases with this logo, such as some Nick Jr. DVDs, SpongeBob SquarePants: Tide and Seek, The Italian Job (2003 Mark Wahlberg version), How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Rugrats Go Wild!, and was abandoned after the 2004 release of All Grown Up: Lucky 13.

4th logo: We first see the effect of a television getting switched on, zooming out from one of the stars and transitioning to the middle of the 2002 Paramount logo in a poor image quality. When the star reaches the mountain's peak, two white lines appear and move across the picture vertically from the center, sharpening the picture and forming the silver text:




which zooms out into place. The Viacom byline (without the line) from the previous three logos fades in below and the HD text shines.


1st logo: The opening theme of the TV spot.

2nd logo: None.

3rd logo: It starts off silent, but when the stars fly by some whooshing sounds are heard, culminating in a synthesized explosion effect with a thunderclap. As the white laser scans down, a humming sound can be heard.

4th logo: Some television static sound effects and a few loud whooshes and shining sounds.

Scare Factor

1st logo: None.

2nd logo: Same as its movie counterpart. The next logo isn't nearly as tame as this...

3rd logo: Minimal to high. The DVD flying in, the sudden flash, and the thunderclap may be surprising, especially if you are used to the film counterpart and see this. But the scare factor is lower for those that are used to seeing it. The sound effects on the menu variant may catch some first time viewers off-guard. Nevertheless, this is another favorite of many, and while it is fairly popular, it may not be as popular as the 5th VHS logo.

4th logo: Low. The sudden appearance of the lines, combined with the loud sound effect used when they appear, could catch you off-guard. However, this is much tamer than the 2003 Paramount DVD logo.



Nickelodeon Paramount DVD (2004) (60 FPS)


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