PFFFR (pronounced "P-F-R") is an electro-rock band formed in 2001 and based in Brooklyn, New York, whose members are composed of Vernon Chatman, Alyson Levy, Jim Tozzi, and John Lee. As of 2008, they have only produced three LP's and one EP that is only available through download. As a TV "production company", they have only produced Doggie Fizzle Televizzle and Wonder Showzen along with comedy shows for the cable network Adult Swim.


The creature is the "mascot" for PFFFR's 2005 EP Chrome Ghost, as pointed out in the "background" section. It's logo can be found on Doggie Fizzle Televizzle and Wonder Showzen, the latter of which is available on DVD. It appears on Xavier: Renegade Angel and Delocated too. It was also seen on the pilot of The Problem Solverz called, "Neon Knome" (Which was going to be an Adult Swim show before Cartoon Network picked it up as a children's series).

PFFR Productions Unintelligible Grunt Williams Street Cartoon Network-1

PFFR Productions Unintelligible Grunt Williams Street Cartoon Network-1

Scare RankEdit

Low to nightmare, due to the very scary drawing, weird voice, inappropriate subject matter, and flashing. This is probably one of the scariest logos ever (Besides the VIDlogo and Ozma), though the scare factor is considerably at low for those used to seeing it. Medium to nightmare for the Going Normal variant, due to the addition of the shatter effect, which makes it more unnerving. High to nightmare for the Bloodcorn variant. The red color scheme makes this even more sinister, especially when combined with the unnerving sound and intense flashing at the end.