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O Entertainment is a production company founded in 1990 by actor Steve Oedekerk. The logo usually appears at the end of The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Back at the Barnyard.


1st logo: On a black background, a light yellow "O", with "ENTERTAINMENT" also in light yellow below it. The "O" then rotates, turning into a lip shape, and says "Ha-ha, Oedekerk!" (provided by Oedekerk himself).

2nd logo: On a black background, a giant, gelatinous purple "O" fall to the center of the screen. As it jiggles, "Entertainment" fades in below it.


Sometimes, "WWW.OEDEKERK.COM" appears below the logo.

3rd logo: In black and white, a thumb depicted as a human is sitting on a chair while winding a camera with stacks of film reels next to it in a front of a black background. As he does, the camera projects to reveal the O Entertainment logo (the same one as the first) while it pans briefly.

4th logo: On a white background, a purple "O" is on the center, which is surrounded by "entertainment" underneath.


  • Sometimes the background is black, or the logo is smaller.
  • On Santa vs. the Snowman 3D, the logo is on a white oval, and it slowly zooms in.
  • On a June 2014 airing of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius after Nickelodeon's last-scene-of-the-show credits, the logo is superimposed and on a white background.


1st logo:  A 3-note synth theme, and the "O"'s dialogue playing over it.

2nd logo: A low-pitched voice says "O!", with either a dreamy synth tune or, on Thumb Wars, the closing theme.

Music/Sounds Variant

On the Jimmy Neutron pilot "Runaway Rocketboy", the synth theme is different and the "O!" voiceover is delayed.

3rd logo: A silent film-style piano piece, as well as the sound the camera makes when being winded.

4th logo: None, or the closing/opening theme of the movie.

Scare Factor

1st logo: None to low. The "O" talking may creep some out, but the music is pretty peaceful.

2nd logo: None to low. The dark logo and sudden voice might scare a few children, but it's harmless.

3rd logo: None. It's too hilarious to be scary.

4th logo: None.



O Entertainment


O Entertainment Logo (1997)


O Entertainment Paramount (2001)


O Entertainment DNA Entertainment Nickelodeon (2002)