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1st Logo: "The Blood Splatter" "The Word of noedolekciN" "The Flip"

2nd Logo: "Screamer" "Flying Screamer" "Bloody Nickelodeon Laughing Symbol Fliped"

3rd Logo: "BLoody Lightbub"


(1st Logo: 666 )On a black background, we see a blood splatter with the word "noedolekciN" written on it. On the bottom are the words "(C) 666 MTV Networks" in the Creepygirl font.

2nd Logo: we see the same nickelodeon 1999's logo symbol but the Nickelodeon is fliped and blood red, And A Trademark Copyright Notice.

3rd Logo: Same as Nickelodeon Lightbulb, but the same font and animation in the previous logo


  • On the close up variant, the text slides down to the splatter, and the splatter is bigger.
  • On some The Wild Thornberrys and Rocket Power Lost Episode Videos.
  • On the Original variant, the blood splatter is to the flipped to the noɘbolɘʞɔiИ logo. and then, over the flying noɘbolɘʞɔiИ Screamer Logo.
  • On the Halloween variant, the blood splatter is covered with orange blood. obviously an classic splatter appears and many blood splatters come out of nowhere.
  • On the Christmas variant, the blood splatter is covered with green blood. obviously an purple splatter appears and many blood splatters come out of nowhere.
  • On some videos, a corpse of Pickle and Peanut appear instead.
  • There is a normal version of noɘbolɘʞɔiИ, That means it covered the Blood Splatter Logo. That Reads "The Wild Thornberrys" and all related logos, titles, and characters are trademarks of Viacom International, Inc. ©Copyright 666 Viacom International, Inc. All Rights Reversed.
  • On RocketPowerLostEpisode.AVI: The School Bloodbath, The Logo is fill to the 100% Ghost Bloody Splatter and noɘbolɘʞɔiИ is Appear to the Logo.
  • There is a old version of noedolekciN That Reads (C) 666 MTV Networks is Appear to the Logo.
  • On HeyArnlodLostEpisode.AVI: Arnold's Revenge, The Blood Splatter is Up to the Flying to the noɘbolɘʞɔiИ Screaming Logo.


Terrifyingly calm music, which is taken from a video called "Behind the Screams: The Making of Candle Cove".

2nd Logo: A Does respond version of The Baby's Nightmare Circus Jumpscare Sound.

3rd Logo: Same as the last logo.

Music/Sounds Variant

Pickle and Peanut: A terrifying version of the Pickle and Peanut theme song, with a woman screaming.

Scare Factor

Depending on variant:

  • High to Nightmare for the original variant. The horrifying imagery of blood splattering, along with the terrifyingly calm music, will definitely unsettle many, especially those sensitive to blood. The close-up variant is even worse.
  • Close up variant: Nightmare. the bigger design of the splatter makes it even worse.
  • Christmas variant: Nightmare, or off the scale. the blood splatters appearing makes it even worse, and overall one of the most scariest logos of all time.
  • Pickle and Peanut variant: Nightmare. The corpses of Pickle and Peanut and the terrifying music combined with the screaming might scare some people, Pickle and Peanut fans, and/or children.
  • Lightbulb: Heart-attack, due to the screamer.
  • Screaming: Same as Lightbulb.