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On a black background, we see the text "NELVANA" with a byline underneath it. A white polar bear then swims onto the screen and then stops onto the text. It bumps a star onto the screen, which twinkles, and a white haze of light forms and dissipates behind the logo. The logo looks similar to the in-credit logo seen before 1985.


  • 2004-: The byline reads "A CORUS(TM) ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY", all in capital letters, and in the same font used in the alternate 2003 logo.
  • 2006-: Because of parent company Corus Entertainment Inc.'s "growth" in it's company (hence the "Inc." for incorporated), the byline reads "A Corus(TM) Entertainment Inc. Company"(exactly like that). This became an alternate variant beginning in 2006.


  • On its debut onwards, there is the shortened common version beginning when the polar bear moves its head.
    • Sometimes, like on early season 4 episodes of Plum Landing and Miss Spider's Sunny Patch Friends, the haze is absent.
      • On Handy Manny, its the same as above but with "A NELVANA PRODUCTION" (In its closing credits styled font) above the logo.
      • On international airings of Grossology, the above-mentioned version plays but the logo gets slimed after a second.
      • On Lucky Duck, the above-mentioned version plays but it transitioned from the closing credits by the same bubbles effect.
  • There is a variation where "INTERNATIONAL", in a rounded rectangle, is sandwiched in between the company name and the byline.
  • A still version of the logo exists on at least the U.S. airings of Grossology.
  • On Plum Landing and some episodes of Corduroy (In which it's 4th logo is plastered), it is shortened beginning after the star is bumped.
  • There's a superimposed variant on Max and Ruby. Once Again. No haze is shown.
  • On My Friend Rabbit, the logo "stalls" a bit, where the polar bear does not bump the star exactly when first seen, after that, the animation is seen as usual. The 2004 byline is seen here, also.
  • The logo appeared on Beyblade G-Revolution, the game for GBA. The bear is placed to the left, and there's an "INTERNATIONAL" plate below. Another game, Bakugan: Rise of the Resistance, shows the logo in outlines.
  • On all Plum Landing episodes, the logo is less cheesy than before and the haze is more flashy.
  • On The Beginning of Hotel Transylvania: The Series, The Logo Plays, But It Takes Place In Hotel Transylvania, And It's A Print Logo. Also, Lightning Zaps The Logo Into The Sony Pictures Animation Logo.
  • On The Ending Of Hotel Transylvania: The Series, It Its Byliness.
  • On The Ending Of The Backyardigans, It Has The Opening (Instermental) Playing.

Scare FactorEdit

Low for the original version. Medium to high for the Grossology version, you might be caught off-guard due to the slime on the polar bear making it sudden. For those who are annoyed to it, bordering on high. Minimal for the Neon variant. For those who are used to it, none. None for the 2016 version, but it’s medium to high for the Hotel Transylvania: The Series variant, the thunder strike could startle many people, but it’s intentional for viewers who like Hotel Transylvania.

2004 logo

2004 logo

Nelvana (Grossology Variant)

Nelvana (Grossology Variant)