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We see an actual shot of an ultrasound (the blurry X-ray of what of a baby looks like in a pregnant mother) of a fetus, moving around a bit. The text:



has already appeared, "IN ASSOCIATION WITH" fades in below, and toward the end of the logo, the fetus giggles.


  • On The Drew Carey Show S2 episode "Drew Blows His Promotion", the fetus farts instead.
  • The fetus has meowed on The Drew Carey Show S3 episode "What's Wrong with this Episode?".
  • Starting in 2001, the Mohawk text became more stylized and became animated. The Mohawk text became a bit more cursive (except for the "H"), and is over a box, half black, half white, with a set of TV antennae. The text, "PRODUCTIONS, INC. IN ASSOCIATION WITH" is below. This whole logo comes in from the left (a la Paramount "Blue Mountain"), with the box spinning in and stopping in the center as the text "springs" out. The animation/ultrasound is about the same, except it has a blue tint to it this time, instead of black/white like before.
  • On the George Lopez episode "She Drives Me Crazy," the drums loop a few times, with the logo freezing after the first loop and until the fetus giggles, which may have been unintentional.


A drumbeat followed by a baby's giggle.

Music/Sounds Variant

Due to compressed credits on ABC, there was often an accordion-tinged hip-hop like generic ABC jingle playing over (intended to resemble music played over establishing shots on The Drew Carey Show), but the giggle still remains. Strangely, on Laff airings of The Drew Carey Show episodes "Drew Live" (S5) and "Drew Live II" (S6), this generic theme variant of this logo is kept. CBS airings of Bless This House uses it's generic theme. A different variant of the generic ABC jingle is currently used on airings of The Conners, though the giggle is removed.

Scare Factor

Low to high. Some people have been scared of this logo because of the fetus, but those who are used to seeing it won't find it scary.



Mohawk Productions


Mohawk Productions INC. Logo