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MTC DVD is the successor of MTC Video (both of which are Greek). They would release a wide variety of content and their DVD versions of their VHS releases.


1st logo (1996-2008; 2013)

It's basically the same as the 2nd MTC Video logo, but it's more enhanced and the space background is improved (with some space dust and nebulae seen as well, along with galaxies and closer stars), and once the metallic effect is added, the DVD logo in 3D zooms out through the hole and places itself at the bottom of the logo. Once that's finished, the DVD logo flashes and also becomes metallic before a white box draws itself, and instead of being split in 2 boxes, it remains as 1 box. Once that's finished, the space background fades to black, then the whole logo becomes 2D and a beam of light wipes on the logo.


  • The closing version would cut straight to the DVD logo zooming out.
  • A blu-ray version of the logo exists, which debuted in 2007. As always, it'd zoom out, but from the hole in the "b".
  • There are also widescreen versions of the logo, which started in late 2000.
  • Some cartoon releases would have the DVD part of the DVD logo zoom from the right and the disc part of the DVD logo zooms from the left.
  • A horror film release has the logo damaged, which slows down and shuts off. 5 seconds later, it appears out of nowhere with blood and gore all over it, with the screen flashing very quickly. It then cuts to black abruptly. This became a lost variant and is super rare to find.
    • Some other horror film releases were the same, but it cuts to black, and the logo zooms in and glitches before cutting to black.

Pre-Show Variants

  • Of course, there'd be these variants. We start with the DVD logo zooming from the hole, the whoosh now quieter, then it fades into the following in Greek:
    • Coming soon to video and DVD: Σύντομα διαθέσιμο σε βίντεο και DVD
    • Coming soon to theatres: Έρχεται σύντομα στα θέατρα
    • Now on video and DVD: Τώρα σε βίντεο και DVD
    • Now in theatres: Τώρα στα θέατρα
    • Coming Attractions: Ερχόμενοι Αξιοθέατα
    • Feature Presentation: ΠΑΡΟΥΣΊΑΣΗ ΧΑΡΑΚΤΗΡΙΣΤΙΚΌ
  • In international releases, they'll also be redubbed. Examples include English releases in English speaking countries and Spanish dubs in Spanish speaking countries.


An April Fools version of the 1st logo does exist (though it was lost due to the fact that it wasn't released on DVD, but it was archived and may be found on a few DVDs in the blooper section of a movie), where it plays as normal, but the DVD logo doesn't appear. The logo then stops with a person saying in Greek: "Uh, guys, where's the DVD logo?" (He actually says: "Α, παιδιά, πού είναι το λογότυπο DVD;"). Then, a British person says "What are you saying?". The Greek person repeats what he says and the British person still can't understand what he's saying. Then, they get into a huge fight with the logo shaking and falling down, which reveals the inside of a building (the MTC studio; also fanmade) followed by a Greek man speaking in English: "Apologies on what you just saw. You see, those people are fighting because of language barriers. What he was saying was: "Uh, guys, where's the DVD logo?". Anyways, we'll have to end it here so we don't waste your time." The man then turns the camera off.

2nd logo (2008-mid-2021)

We slowly zoom out from our solar system. Once we pass Pluto, a beam of light zooms in towards us. The screen turns white as we see several colour wisps around it. We zoom through the tunnel for 20 seconds as we see a hole that leads to a nebula. Once we escape the portal, a large red object with tiny windows with people and many other things in it are seen zooming from the right. It appears to be a large spaceship in the shape of a parallelogram as it zooms out and turns. It then starts to slowly turn to the right, then, once it stops, 3 black lines are seen, splitting the parallelogram in 3 lines, from thinnest (left) to thickest (right). Then, we see a supernova in the background, which explodes into a nebula, with the blue bits then forming into an "M", followed by a "T" and "C". Once they formed, they slowly become solid. Then, the DVD logo fades in, finishing with the logo shining.


  • A short version exists for the closing and television variants.
  • TBA.

3rd logo (2021-)

On a white background, a thick red line slides from the left, and turns into a thick slash as it is split in 3. The camera zooms out as the lines start to rise in 3D form and the 3D text "MTC" zooms out, letter by letter. The background turns black, and the DVD logo fades in below.


Same as the 2nd MTC Video logo, but a windy whoosh is heard once the DVD logo zooms out.

Music/Sounds Variants

  • The cartoon variant removes the whoosh sound.
  • The closing version cuts to the whoosh part.
  • The logo variant with a horror film release had the music slightly distorted and warped, and once it shuts off, a buzzing sound is heard. Once the jumpscare happens, the same scream from the ВИD of Doom, but louder.
  • The horror variant is the same, but the ВИD of Doom music is replaced by a fast whoosh and glitching sounds.

A new-age, futuristic synth tune, followed by an orchestra at the end.


Scare Factor

1st logo

  • Low to medium for the normal variants and Blu-Ray variant. The whoosh can startle many, but it's basically the same as the 2nd MTC Video logo.
  • Medium for the closing variant, as the sudden cut to the whoosh part can surprise some.
  • Low for the cartoon variant, as the absence of the whoosh make it less scarier.
  • Minimal to medium for the spoof, as it's really funny (as intended), but the fighting and logo falling down could catch some off-guard.
  • Nightmare for the rare horror film variant, as the completely different way the logo animates and music, followed b the later logo design with blood and gore, jumpscare and abrupt black screen cut will scare many.
  • Medium to nightmare for the other horror film variants, as the warped music, damaged quality and abrupt cuts are still there, but it's tamer because of the lack of jumpscares. However, the zooming, glitches and fast whoosh can scare many.

2nd logo

Low, the close-ups and light may put some off, but its very awesome and rather ahead of it's time.

3rd logo