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Lyrick Studios(1998-2001)

  Lyrick Studios is a home video company for children that associates usually with the 1990s show Barney and, at times, the childrens show VeggieTales. The logo shows a swan in a lake, early in the morning, as the camera zooms up to the sky and results with a child touching the sky, portrayed as water, with his hand. The company does not exist anymore and Barney has been bought by HIT Entertainment, the company who owns shows like Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine. 


Low to Middle bordering on High- The child's hand might catch little kids offguard, but the logo itself isn't that scary and could be considered peaceful. For first time viewers, it's a little scary.

None for those who liked it, it's cute for Claire Wyckoff.

Watch, it's peaceful.

Distributed By Lyrick Studios Logo

Distributed By Lyrick Studios Logo

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