Scary Logos Wiki

It starts off with the words: 累共下 (Lei Go Xa) Zooming backwards to the top screen, then “Productions” Zooming backwards to the bottom, and then the grey rectangle screen fades to a real Chinese boy with glasses looking at us and a few seconds later, he makes some face and points at us saying Chinese stuff, then another few seconds later the video with the boy freezes and then after ANOTHER few seconds it fades to the Warning.


There’s another version, but instead of the boy pointing at us and making a face, he puts on a angry happy like face (Like the first one in summary) but instead of pointing at us and saying stuff, he goes pretty close to the screen and nods his head up and down rapidly and says nothing. And no symbols after that.


A quiet whoosh when the words zoom backwards and an upbeat jazz with a saxophone, drums, pianos, trumpets, and drum symbols and a trumpet tune at the end.

Scare Factor

None to Medium for the first version, the boy with the angry-happy like face and pointing at us might startle some. (Some people even might think he’s bullying us)