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  • Gracie Films is a film and TV company founded by James L Brooks in 1986. They produce hits such as Broadcast News, Big, The Tracey Ullman Show, Say Anything, War of the Roses, and most notably The Simpsons.


There is a Treehouse of Horror variant (not in earlier Treehouse of Horror stories) where the shhh sound effect is replaced with a girl shrieking (which sounds a bit like Toko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa) (a version with Regis Philbin yelling "My eyes! My beautiful eyes!" instead of the girl screaming in the Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror IX) followed by a horror-type pipe organ rendition of the original jingle.

Treehouse of HorrorEdit

In Treehouse of horror II and III, there is no scream, only the organ.

In Treehouse of horrors IV, V, VII, VIII, X, XI, XIII, XIV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XX, XXV, XXVII, and XXVIII, it is the scream and organ variant listed above.

In Treehouse of Horror VI, it plays a similar jingle heard in the segment Homer Cubed. Plus, there is no scream.

In Treehouse of horror XII, the screaming is more high-pitched and the creepy organ music is a bit slower.

In Treehouse of Horror IX, Regis Philbin screaming “MY EYES! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!”.

In Treehouse of horror XII, the organ plays, then the scream is heard.

In Treehouse of horror XV, Homer screams throughout the logo and the 20th Century Fox Television logo.

In Treehouse of horror XIX, there is a Peanuts themed jingle. No scream here.

In Treehouse of horror XXI, the scream is replaced by the Willem scream (it’s low quality).

In Treehouse of horror XXII and XXIII, the scream is replaced by Homer’s scream.

In Treehouse of horror XXIV, the scream is replaced by the crowd chanting “One of us!”.

In Treehouse of horror XXVI, the scream was replaced by Homerzilla roaring.

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Scare Factor (Treehouse of Horror variants) Edit

Treehouse of Horror II/III Variant: Low. The organ by itself isn’t that scary, but it can startle a few.

Original Treehouse of Horror Variant: High to nightmare. Some might be scared crapless of the screaming that sounds like Toko Fukawa and the creepy organ theme can rather startle some viewers. I might get bad memories if I hear it. However, this was most likely intentional since it was on the Halloween Special.

Treehouse of Horror VI/XIX Variant: Low. This isn't scary at all, but maybe a bit more scary or cheesy.

Treehouse of Horror VII Variant: Nightmare. The scream is more scary and the slow version of the music may freak some out.

Treehouse of Horror IX Variant: Medium to high. Regis Philbin saying “MY EYES! MY BEAUTIFUL EYES!” might scare some crapless kids.

Treehouse of Horror XII Variant: Medium to nightmare. The scream at the end might catch you off-guard.

Treehouse of Horror XV/XXII/XXIII Variant: Medium to nightmare. Homer screaming may get to some.

Treehouse of Horror XXI Variant: Medium to high. The Wilhem scream can unnerve some crapless, but it’s supposed to be funny anyway.

Treehouse of Horror XXIV Variant: Low to high. The crowd chanting “One of us!” isn’t that scary.

Treehouse of Horror XXVI Variant: Medium to high, due to Homerzilla roaring, but most of it don’t mind it or may find it very funny to others.

Watch it if you dare... Edit

Gracie Films (Treehouse Horror Version)-0

Gracie Films (Treehouse Horror Version)-0

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W C gets grounded for sending sisters to BND logo

W C gets grounded for sending sisters to BND logo


Fun Fact: after the credits of Treehouse of Horror, The creepy organ was actually played by a person and the girl screaming sounds a bit like Toko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa.