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Galaxy Video was a Greek home video company that specialised in making sci-fi, horror, comedy and action films, along with releasing pre-cert tapes of said genres. It was founded in 1983 and has been inactive since 2019. It's still unknown if the company is defunct or on a hiatus as of now.


1st logo (1980-1989): We zoom across a starfield. Then, 2 shooting stars appear from left and right and zoom to the center. Once they collide, we see "GV" zoom in, G in blue and V in red, via a chyron effect. After they zoom in, the chyron trails move towards the letters and the letters flash. Once they flash, they fill with colour (G in blue and V in red), then "GALAXY VIDEO" types itself in underneath, both the words stacked on top of each other. A red lines draws itself in around the logo, then the starfield fades out. "ΠΑΡΟΥΣΙΑΖΕΙ" then fades in below.

2nd logo (1988-2000): Against an angle of the Milky Way, we see the GV from before pan below the camera. Then, once it faces us, "GALAXY VIDEO" zooms in beneath us via a chyron effect, and a red border zooms out.

3rd logo (1999-2010): Across a zooming starfield, we see clips from various movies played from either side, also zooming out with the stars. (The rest is TBA for now).

4th logo (2011-2019): We see a supernova. Then, after the supernova, we zoom out from it as it then reveals that the supernova was in a G. We continue zooming out to reveal the full GV over a galaxy. Then, "GALAXY VIDEO" forms from the stars in the background. The DVD logo then zooms out as a red border forms from some of the stars in the galaxy. The logo then shines and fades out.


1st logo: Depends.

  • Early releases would use an excerpt of Exquinoxe, Pt. 5 that continues from the warning screen, which is also heard in both the Photo Video logos.
  • Starting from 1985, the logo would use an excerpt of Empire by Tom Elliott, also starting from the warning screen.

2nd logo: A spacey disco theme.

3rd logo: A catchy synth piece.

4th logo: An explosion, then a new age theme with some whooshes.

Scare Factor

1st logo: Low. The darkness and shooting stars colliding, along with the zooming in may bother some people.

2nd logo: Minimal to low. The zooming and synth may scare some.

3rd logo: TBA.

4th logo: Low. The sounds and explosions might startle people, but it's a pretty great logo.