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Family Home Entertainment 1980's

Family Home Entertainment 1980's


Family Home Entertainment (FHE) was an American home video company founded in 1980 by Noel C. Bloom. It was a division of International Video Entertainment, which had its headquarters in Newbury Park, California.


1st logo (June 1981-1985, 1987)[]

File:Family Home Entertainment 1981-1985, 1987 Long Version
File:Family Home Entertainment 1981-1985, 1987 Short Version-2

The screen fades to a space background as a large pink/purple "sun" slowly moves towards us. After a few seconds of sizzling, it then transforms into the words "FAMILY HOME", set in "Baby Teeth" (whose digital incarnation goes by "Surfside"), a font very reminiscent of Pac Man. Then "ENTERTAINMENT" in the same font flies from behind the text on top of the screen and settles underneath the "FAMILY HOME" text. The logos then flash and become white. After a few seconds the logo flies up with computer effects and we are left with only a shot of the stars before we fade out.


  • At the end of some tapes such as Beauty and the Beast (the 1983 Ruby-Spears version), the "Prevues of Coming Attractions" ID (which was also used on Warner Home Video releases, albeit with a different soundtrack) fades to this logo at the part where the "sun" appears. This also appeared on tapes from Monterey Home Video and U.S.A. Home Video from before 1985.
  • Sometimes, there are screen cuts at the beginning and end of the logo.
  • Shortened versions exist. Some tapes start the logo just as the "sun" appears, others start the logo right as it morphs into the words "FAMILY HOME".

2nd logo (1985-April 1993)[]


We start on a black screen. A yellow-orange screen "flips" in, and it has one of those lines you used to practice printing letters on at school, with two solid lines and a segmented line in the middle. One at a time, the letters "f.h.e." are drawn on the lines in a crayon-like font. They are colored, in order, red, blue, and yellow, respectively. Black dots appear in between the letters. Under that the words "Family Home Entertainment" appear, and then the picture zooms away downward toward the camera.


  • A version has been spotted where instead of the picture flipping down, it merely fades out and there is no "WHOOSH" at the end of the music. The color is also a bit faded (though that was probably unintentional).
  • At the end of some tapes, a yellow screen that reads "also AVAILABLE from" (in white) zooms in. After 3 seconds, the screen zooms downward just before the regular FHE logo appears.
  • Some tapes omit the logo's beginning and the closing, instead starting at the point where the letters are drawn in.
  • Later video releases have the logo be on a black background, the lines fade in and the FHE text draws itself on faster than usual. A byline for IVE/NCB is shown on the bottom. A still version can be seen on various Transformers promos.

3rd logo (May 9, 1993-1999, 2009-2010)[]


On a white background, a red paintbrush draws an "f" (the same one from the 2nd logo) then puts a red dot after it. A blue paintbrush similarly draws an "h" and a blue dot and a yellow paintbrush gets the "e" and its dot. The camera pans to each letter as it is drawn and then pulls out. Above the logo the paintbrushes "wash" on the words "Family Home Entertainment", with each word in red, blue, and yellow respectively.


  • On rare occasions, the logo is still.
  • An abridged version was used on a promo.

4th logo (1999-2001)[]

Against a black background, a green "F" flips toward the screen, followed by a vermilion "H" and a lavender "E". A triangular vermilion "roof" lands on the "H" shortly after. The words:

which are written in white, fade in below. At the same time, two white dots fade in between the letters "FHE". The words shine.


There is a version of this logo that has the URL "" under the logo.

5th logo (2000-2008)[]


On a white background, we see the letters "FHE" flying up to the screen. Then two black dots fly in and appear between the letters. "FAMILY HOME ENTERTAINMENT" fades in under the letters. A roof is then drawn above the "H", making the whole thing look like the 4th logo.



A series of electronic popping/fizz noises. When the logo forms, a 4-note synth chord/whoosh fanfare can be heard, which came from a stock music library.


Starts with a loud whirring/whining sound, and then leads into a synth theme with three different tones for the drawing of each letter. Three very fast synth-trumpet notes bring forth the periods after each initial, and a toy piano plays a descending tune is used when the company's name appears. At the end, a laser zap is heard as the screen "flies" away.

Music/Sound Variant[]

A low toned variant exists.


A 4-note synth tune (in which was done on the Roland D-50 synthesizer by using the "Staccato Heaven" patch) can be heard at the start, followed by a 2-note synth horn tune, then silence, followed by another 2-note synth horn tune when the "f" is being drawn and a synthesized stinger when the red dot appears, followed by a descending harp sound and a 5-note horn-like tune when the "h" is being drawn and another synthesized stinger when the blue dot appears, followed by an ascending then descending clarinet tune when the "e" and the yellow appears, then a final 2-note synthesized tune marking the appearance of "Family Home Entertainment", ending with the same synth tune from the start of the logo with synth chimes at the end.

Music/Sounds Variant[]

On the screener cassettes of Queens Logic and Bloodmoon, an announcer says, "Here's what's new from Family Home Entertainment!" at the end.




A jingle used with many musical instruments and sound effects (the really processed Warner Bros. airplane dive to start, and some boinging sounds, likely Disney-esque). An oboe and a tuba are two of the instruments. Sometimes, it's silent.

Music/Sounds Variants[]

  • There is a voice-over on promos saying "Family Home Entertainment. We like to share yours from Family Home Entertainment".
  • On the variant with the FHE website the voice-over says "Family Home Entertainment. From our family to yours, there's always something special for everyone, at".

Scare Factor[]

1st logo[]

Medium, thanks to the cheesiness, the awful sounds, and the awful animation. The ugly nature also does not help.

2nd logo[]

Low to medium. The music and the flipping effect and the beginning might scare some, but it’s a nice logo, and it is a favorite of many.

3rd logo[]

None to low. It's just very good CGI. It's also tamer than the 1st logo.

4th logo[]


5th logo[]

None to minimal. It's a cute logo. The sudden appearance of the logo might startle some first-time viewers, though.