20120321160234!1975 Universal TV Logo
The Evil Globe is a globe that appears, saying :
          AN MCA COMPANY

AND, WITH, OR IN ASSOCIATION WITH CAN BE SEEN ON TOP OF "UNIVERSAL". This is usually a still logo except the text fading. On "The Seekers" the logo zooms out and fades out with the Van Allen belts while Earth rotates.


A five note theme that sounds like The V of Doom logo.

1980: On the first note, a ding can be heard.

1981: The theme can be heard on a trumpet.

1982-1989: Throughout the whole theme, a warbling sound can be heard.

1985-1989: On Still the Beaver, the theme can be heard on an organ.

1989-1991: The low toned 1982 theme.

Scare Factor Edit

Medium to Nightmare due to the still globe, the text, and the music. Many have had nightmares about this logo. None to medium for the zooming variant.


"IAW" Universal Television (1982)

"IAW" Universal Television (1982)