Scary Logos Wiki

The logo.


1st logo (1995)

We see "ENLIGHT SOFTWARE" made fully from blue grid lines. Each letter has a small node. There is a byline just below the middle part, reading "Enlightening Entertainment".

2nd logo (1996)

A new design is seen. It shows the rhombic yellow platform with two connected blue letters ES hanging over it (rotated 45 degrees). The name ENLIGHT SOFTWARE appears below. There is a yellow box even below, reading "ENLIGHTENING ENTERTAINMENT", the same byline from the first logo. The website appears below.

3rd logo (1997-2003)

A bright blue flash occurs and silver connected ES letters zoom in rotating. The yellow platform is created for them in another splash, and the letters are placed over, becoming blue. The name "ENLIGHT SOFTWARE" is created by letters sliding from right side, and shines.


Early version of this logo was still. It was accompanied with yellow "CREATED BY" above and website below. In Fryhtan Wars, the logo missed the yellow bylines and the splash.

4th logo (2003)

We start with the view on a cybernetic city in twilight, crossed with skyscrapers and trains. Then we move high and see the pattern of buildings from above. They form "ENLIGHT". Then everything fades out, leaving only gray word made from towers and several moving vehicles around. Then it becomes blue.

5th logo (2003-)

We move between the silver curve tubes lying on the same-colored surface. These tubes appear to be connected ES letters, and we move out to see the usual logo, only in silver. Then the name is wiped and emits light, and the logo regains its colors.


A very different still logo was used on the demo version of Scrapland. It was made of neon tubes attached to the wall with game symbols.




Sound of swirling and electronic pings


A hollow sound representing the movement between tubes.

Scare Factor

1st logo


2nd logo


3rd logo

Minimal. The sounds may get to some.

4th logo

None to low.

5th logo