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1st logo (1983-Late 1990's)

We see a child carrying a reel of film revealing upward to the center, then the cursive text "El Niño" writes up. The extra line of the "ñ" later attaches to the reel to represent the film. "FILMS", below "Niño", crawls down.

2nd logo (Late 1990's-2005)

On a starry background, the orange words "EL NIÑO" with a same child carrying a filmreel from before between these words, fade in. The word "films" is seen below. After some seconds, the logo fades out, and "Presents", in cyan fades in.


  • The most common version is where the logo is shown without the 2nd half (the "Presents" part). This is called as the short version of the logo.
  • In some films, like Kasibulan and Pagsaluhan, the short variant is used, but the kid only fades out.
  • On Shangten Films releases, the long version is used, but after "Presents" fades out, the Shangten Films logo proceeds on the same starry background.
  • A dark variant also exists.


A Moog synth that sounds a lot like the one from the Interglobal logos. It stops when the child and film are revealed, accompanied by weird laser and/or film projector sounds when the company name reveals.

The opening theme of the movie. For the short variant (and other films with Shangten), some ascending/descending wind chimes, which may be accompanied by the opening theme.

Scare Factor

1st logo

Medium to high. The logo and it's outdated effects, the Interglobal-like synth, and the weird sound can surprise viewers.

2nd logo

Minimal. The way the logo's shown in the black starry background can be scary for a few, but this is one of the most retro-styled 2000's logos in the world, and tamer than the previous one.



El Niño Films (1995)