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Decode entertainment logo.jpg


1st logo (1997-1999)

On a white background, we see the words "DECODE Entertainment Inc." in blue. "DECODE" is in a royal blue American Typewriter font and the "Entertainment" font is a font similar to Comic Sans. The "DECODE" text's light swirls and the "Entertainment" is shooting out light rays.

2nd logo (1999-2008)

On a screen filled with TV static, a bunch of symbols (!@#$%^&*) forms the word "DECODE". Then on the lower left corner on the screen, a yellow robot head with one eye and an antenna as well as transmission symbols appears, smiles, and blinks.


On many shows, a copyright stamp appears next to the robot.

3rd logo (2007-2012)

On a blue background, the robot head from before bounces on text. The text says "DECODE Entertainment Inc.". The robot gets catapulted on the "t" and the text is revealed with the DHX Media byline, with the robot head next to it.


There was a longer version, which had the robot head walking on the letters as opposed to jumping. Once he gets to an "I", his antenna gets stuck, which sends him jumping and the animation continuing as usual.


The ending theme of the show or silence.

A TV static sound, but on most of its shows, the ending theme plays over.

The ending theme.

Scare Factor

1st logo


2nd logo

Low; the static sound and animation may catch a few off guard, but the robot looks quite ugly. None with the ending theme.

3rd logo

None. Like the previous logo, the robot looks quite ugly.