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Cobra Pictures is a Telugu horror film company founded in 1946 as తెలుగు కోబ్రా స్టూడియోస్, బొంబాయి or The Telugu Cobra Studios, Bombay in English. In 1950, it was renamed to Cobra Pictures or కోబ్రా పిక్చర్స్ in Telugu. In 1999, it was bought by AVM Productions, and was rebranded as the Telugu Horror Film Company for AVM in 2000.


  • Opening (1946, 1950-2000): On a pastel green background, we see an evil looking cobra covered with blood on it in a bloody background with a secret pentagram hidden in it. Then the Words: కోబ్రా పిక్చర్స్ in yellow fade in. then the words "in Telugu" in gold fade in with part of the word Telugu covered mostly in blood. Then the cobra in like 10 seconds fastly goes to the camera and starts eating the camera.
  • Closing (1954-1999): On the same bloody background as before but this time it says ది ఎండ్, ఎ కోబ్రా పిక్చర్ in blue. It then fades to black.


  • Opening: A cheesy hum (a la Genesis), followed by the snap of a cobra's jaw.
  • Closing: None.

Scare Factor

  • Opening: Nightmare. The pentagram (same as the 3rd logo of Timpson Films), The cobra eating the camera, and the bloody background can scare a lot of people.
  • Closing: None to minimal. Though the bloody background is still there, there is no pentagram, and is tamer than the opening logo.