Even though the company was sued because of shady business practices in 1976, the logo itself is nonexistent in real media. Only YouTube has a logo, but their first film was Return of the Dragon, which was reissued by Golden Harvest Entertainment, and their last film was  the re-release of "That's The Way of the World". Edit

Nicknames: Bryanston Pictures Disaster

Scare FactorEdit

High to nightmare, due to the darkness, horrible Scanimate effects, creepy sounds, and overall oddness.

Music/Sounds Edit

A series of random, warbly synth-like sounds produced by a Moog synthesizer: starts with an ascending whoosh, then descending beeping sounds, a loud descending chirp, an array of fast-paced ominous music with a sound that resembles the descending voices of the THX Deep Note, then warbly sounds that end with a droning synth hum and continuous synth beats and chirps.


Bryanston Pictures Logo 1972-1976

Bryanston Pictures Logo 1972-1976