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1st Logo (1992-1995)

We see the yellow text "Barney", in the Barney corporate logo font, zooming out to the top of the screen as a blue square appears. The words "HOME VIDEO" fades in below the square, sparkling. Inside a square is a cartoon version of Barney, with his green tummy. Barney's eye ''shines'', much like at the end of the opening credits for Barney and the Backyard Gang or Barney & Friends.


  • There is a special variant seen on trailers of some Barney home videos in which "Also Available From" (in white) on a blue star fades in on the top-corner of the screen.
  • There is a silent version of the logo.
  • In another variation, as used on Barney's Magical Musical Adventure, the logo replaces the original Barney & Friends title card (a.k.a silhouette) during the intro/theme song.
  • In Barney en Vivo en Nueva York (Barney Live! In New York City) the announcer says "Barney Y Sus Amigos".

2nd Logo (1995-2017)

We start with a yellow background, but suddenly the background folds into a CGI star on a blue Magna Doodle-like tube, revealing a cartoon version of Barney on a black background. The word "Barney", in a blue 3D stylized, Barney corporate logo font, flies up at the top of the screen, below the logo is the words "HOME VIDEO" wiping in via an effect. Barney's eye "winks" once, exactly much like the 1st logo.


A short version of the Barney and the Backyard Gang/Barney and Friends theme song. The logo, however, was silent until Let's Pretend With Barney. For the music variants, see above.

Same as the 1st logo.

Scare Factor

1st Logo

None to low. It's an okay logo, but it might annoy those who are maybe "too old" for Barney. It may also be a favourite to those who grew up watching Barney the Dinosaur.

2nd Logo

None to medium. It depends on what you think of Barney's grin. It might just annoy others like the 1st logo, though, along with being a favourite to those growing up with it.