The ВИD of Doom

The ВИD (BND) of Doom is a logo. Although it's not a real logo, it's still scary. It's a combination of ВИD and The V of Doom. First, The V of Doom shows up, then when you least expect it, An edited ВИD face jumpscares you. Scary, right?

Scare Factor of Normal Version: Heart Attack to Nightmare.

This is the first recorded Vibe Check in history.

Horror Version Edit

BИD Of Doom -Horror Variant-

BИD Of Doom -Horror Variant-

Scare Factor of Horror Version: Heart Attack.

Trivia: It has the red 9K watermark on the bottom right but the video was not made by the channel in itself. It also uses the jumpscare from 9K’s other video, Doomsday Csupo. The music was also from that. (Not like the original logo)

VYOND Version Edit

Everybody gets scared of the BND Logo in Theaters

Everybody gets scared of the BND Logo in Theaters

The Cucumber in the video laughs at everyone after the BND Mask of Doom scared everyone out of the theater. (Kind of)

Everyone gets scared in The VYOND


Fun fact Edit

The BND jumpscare sound is from a game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. which a youtuber called BND ripped the sound from.

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