The ВИD of Doom

The ВИD (VID) of Doom is a logo. Although it's a parody logo, it's still scary. It's a combination of ВИD and The V of Doom.

First, The V of Doom shows up, then when you least expect it, An edited ВИD face with its eyes open and its tongue sticking out  jumpscares you and smashes the screen. 


There's a horror version, too.


Same as the V of Doom, but when the ВИD logo shows up, a roaring sound and glass shattering, followed by the ВИD logo music.

Music/Sounds Variants

  • The horror version is much louder and scarier.
  • There are also earrape versions.

Scare Factor

Normal: Nightmare, because of the sudden jumpscare, loud music and edited ВИD face. However, some might find the tongue sticking out funny.

Horror: Nightmare, possibly off the scale! The hellish colour scheme and much scarier music makes this worse.

BИD Of Doom -Horror Variant-

BИD Of Doom -Horror Variant-


The BИD jumpscare sound is from a game called S.T.A.L.K.E.R. from which a YouTuber named BИD ripped the sound.

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