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Avco Broadcasting Corporation was the broadcasting division of the Aviation Corporation, which was formerly known as the Crosley Broadcasting Corporation until 1945 (Crosley was an early operator of radio stations and a radio manufacturer). From 1945 up until 1968, the broadcasting division continued to operate under the Crosley name, even though the manufacturing division was already renamed "Avco". On March 1, 1976, the company was sold to Multimedia, Inc., renaming this unit to "Multimedia Program Productions". This division is often confused with Avco Embassy Television, which was formed to syndicate films from the Embassy library to television stations. Both companies were unaffiliated and were owned by Avco.


1st logo (1968-1973)

Against a black background, a thick maroon line with a small white right triangle slides in from the left. The triangle stretches into a much larger right triangle with a maroon box to the right, which shrinks into a rectangle, forming an empennage (the tail of an aircraft). The letters "AVCO" (in a black futuristic font) appear two-by-two inside the triangle. The words:



in white, fade in below. A very small line of text (probably a copyright notice) can be seen near the bottom of the screen.

2nd Logo (1970-1977)

Multiple outlines of the Avco logo, colored blue, zoom in on a black background and disappear off-camera. Four multicolored Avco logos zooming in from their respective corners (red from the top left, yellow from the top right, green from the bottom left, and blue from the bottom right) merge into the center of the screen to form one single Avco logo. The finished product is the same as the previous logo, with the only difference being the words in a slightly different font, and "PRODUCTION" being in light gray. A copyright stamp appears below.


A 5-note trumpet fanfare, followed by 3 long horn notes, and finally 2 notes with the 2 instruments, which lingers into the end of the logo. Sometimes, it might be shorten a bit and merged into the end theme of the show, which fades out.

Music/Sounds Variant

For the superimposed variant, it's the end-title theme from any program.

A 3-note synth similar to those of old UFO noises, and a loud synth whoosh in the middle of it. A echoing laser noise plays at the end.

Scare Factor

1st Logo

Low. The theme may scare some, but the cheesiness will cool that down. The same cannot be said for the next logo....

2nd Logo

  • Medium to nightmare for the original version. The fast and in-your-face animation combined with the music would have startled many people at the time. However, its cheesiness would lower it for some.
  • Medium for the high quality version. We still have the fast animation and music here, but the fact that's in betterr quality and the music is quieter makes it much tamer.



Avco Broadcasting Corporation (1973)-0


Avco Broadcasting Corporation (New Higher Quality) (1971)

AVCO Broadcasting Corporation (High Quality)