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The ВИD of Doom is a YouTube video by Andreyj857 (A.K.A nu11) being a logo screamer.

We start off with the Filmed V of Doom logo popped. Before the V of Doom logo cuts to black, a ВИD mask (aka Guo Xiang mask) with angry eyes open and tongue sticking out (picture at the right) crashes the logo along with the screen. Afterwards, it zooms out, slowly vibrating, zoom blur and brightening the screen. Then after it zooms out, the logo fades out quickly with a zoom blue excluding the broken screen, growling loudly and when the ВИD logo is finished, the screen is still broken into a million pieces.


When the Viacom logo is seen, the usual V of Doom theme plays, which soon gets cut by the ВИD mask shouting with tongue sticking out with bumps, it looks disgusting when the BИD face crashes the screen, we hear a glass shattering sound accompanied by a monster scream (from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R that ВИD found and upload it to YouTube) while the five-note fanfare of the ВИD logo plays.

Scare Factor

Nightmare. The Viacom logo either scary or not (but the “V” zooming in is the doom), but the ВИD mask coming out of nowhere can be really jarring to people. For some people it might not be scary.


The alternative cracked screen version was ripped by the scary YouTube user logo himself ВИD